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Bus Services in Mallorca
Local Buses & Timetables


About how the local bus network runs in Mallorca

The bus services on Mallorca offer a low cost approach to travelling around the island. Whilst the routes are extensive and it's possible to travel by bus to most of the towns, villages & resorts, the service can be infrequent, perhaps only operating once or twice a day.

Make sure you check the latest timetables (see below) to ensure you don't have a long wait! Note that during the large festivals & fairs, additional bus services will be available - check the Mallorca transport website for details.

Many of the bus journeys start or finish in Palma at Placa Espana where you'll also find tourist information and a ticket office. Manacor also has a ticket office.

Bus fares are a few euros, and you can pay the bus driver directly when you get on. They will have some change so you don't need the exact money, but it would probably be helpful for the drivers if you can manage to avoid handing over a €50 note! The buses are clean & tidy and reliable.

Palma de Mallorca has it's own bus service run by EMT. You pay for your journey when you get on board - single tickets only. You can buy a set of 10 journeys at a discounted rate in tobacco shops & EMT offices (Josep Anselm Clavé 5, around the corner from Olivar Market). A night bus runs on Friday & Saturday nights - and on nights before a public holiday (fiesta time!) - and starts on Avenida Gabriel Alomar. It runs past Placa Espana, Avenida Argentina and onto Passeig Maritim. They run approximately every 20 minutes.

There is a special bus that runs from Palma to the aiport - it's number one - there is also a bus that runs from the airport to the holiday resort of S'Arenal (number 21). For these airport routes, the timetables & stops can be found on Palma Transportation website. Tourist buses also run throughout the year around Palma, stopping at all the important historical sites.

For residents of Majorca, you can apply for an 'Intermodal Card' at your local town hall - this card can then be charged up and used like a swipe card to allow multiple journeys. The Intermodal Card is not yet available for visitors to the island.

Bus Timetables: Across Mallorca Lines 800

Click on the name of the route to see the timetable. 

L811: Palmanova- Magaluf- Santa Onca- Peguera- Camp de Mar- Andratx

L831A: Costa del Pins- port Veil- Port Verd- Cala Bona- sa Coma- s'lllot- Portocristo- Inca

L831B: Cala Murada- Cales de Mallorca- Portocristo- Inca

L831C: Cala Egos- Cala d'or- Cala Ferrera- s'Horat- Cala Marcal- Portocolom- Felantix- Manacor- Inca

L832A: Costa del Pins- Port Veil- port Verd- Cala Bona- Cala Millor- sa Coma- s'lllot- Portocristo- Sineu

L832B: Port d'Alcudia- Platja d'Alcudia- Plajta de Muro- Camping Muro- Can Picafort- Son Baulo- Sineu

L832C: Cala Murada- Claes de Mallorca- Portocristo- Sineu

L832D: Cala Egos- Cala d'Or- Cala Ferrera- s'Horta- Cala Marcal- Portocolom- Felantic- Manacor- Sineu

L841A: Cala Romantica- Cala Mendia- Cala Anguila- Cala Magrana- Coves Drac- Portocristo- Manacor

L841B: Cala Egos- Cala d'Or- Cala Ferrera- s'Horta- Cala Marcal- Portocolom- Felantix- Manacor

L842A: s'lllot- sa Coma- Cala Millor- Cala Bona- Port Verd- port Veil- Arta

L842B: Cala Mesquida- sa Font de sa Cala- Arta

L843: s'lllot- sa Coma- Cala Millor- Cala Bona- port Verd- Port Veil- Costa del Pins- Son Servea

L844A: Cales de Mallorca- Felantix

L844B: Cala d'Or-Cala Ferrera- Felantix- sa Barca Trencada- Portopetro- Cala Egos

L844C: Colonia de Sant Jordi

This excellent public transport website has route maps for each line. 

Bus Timetables: North East Lines 400

Click on the name of the route to see the timetable.

L400: Ariany-Maria de la Salut- Sineu- Lloret-Pina- Palma

L403: Estació SFM Sineu - Maria de la Salut - Ariany

L406A: Estació SFM Sineu - Sant Joan

L406B: Sant Joan - Montuiri

L411: Palma-Algaida-Montuïri-Vilafranca-Hospital de Manacor-Manacor-Sant Llorenç-Artà-Capdepera-Cala Rajada

L412: Palma-Algaida-Montuïri-Vilafranca-Hospital de Manacor-Manacor-Coves-Portocristo-S'Illot-Sa Coma-Cala Millor-Cala Bona-Port Vell-Costa dels Pins

L415: Cala Murda-Palma

L416: Cala Romantica-Palma

L421: Manacor-Hospital de Manacor-Vilafranca-San Joan-Montuïri

L423: Manacor-Hospital de Manacor-Sant Llorenç-Son Carrió

L424: Hospital de Manacor-Manacor-Son Macià-Cales de Mallorca

L425: Hospital de Manacor-Manacor-Felanitx-S'Horta-Calonge-Cala d'Or

L432: Estació SFM Manacor - Sant Llorenç - Son Servera - Cala Millor - Cala Bona

L441: Cala Rajada - Cala Agulla - Son Moll - Capdepera- Port Vell - Cala Bona- Cala Millor- sa Coma - Portocristo - Coves

L445: Portocristo Novo-Coves-Portocristo-S'Illot-Sa Coma-Cala Millor-Cala Bona-Port Verd-Port Vell-Artà-Can Picafort-Platja de Muro-Port d'Alcúdia-Alcúdia-Port de Pollença

L446: Cala Rajada-Cala Agulla-Son Moll-Capepera-Arta-Son Serra de Marina-Can Picafort-Camping Muro-Plataja Muro-Platja d'Alucdia-Alcuida;Club del Sol-Llenaira-Port de  Pollenca-Son Baulo

L447: Port de Pollenca-Alcudia-Port d'Alcudia-Platja de Muro-Can Picafort-Manacor-Cuevas Hams-Coves-Porto Cristo-s'Lllot-Sa Coma-Cala Millor-Cala Bona-Port Veil

L448: Cala d'Or-Cala Rajada-Port de Pollenca

L449: Cala d'Or-Manacor-Port de Pollenca

L451: Costa dels Pins-Port de Soller

L452: Font de sa Cala-Port de Soller

L453: Cala d'Or-Cala Murada-Port de Soller

L454: Can Pastilla-Platges de S'Arenal-S'Arenal-Aquacity-Algaida-Vilafranca-Manacor-Portocristo-Coves

L455: Cala Marcal-Cales de Mallorca-s'Arenal

L456: Cala d'Or-Cala Marcal-Cura

L458: s'Arenal-Port de Pollenca

L459: Can Pastilla-s'Arenal-Cura

L471: Cala Mesquida-sa Font de sa Cala

L472: Canyamel-Cala Rajada-Son Moll

L473: Arta-Canyamel

L481: Colònia de Sant Pere - Artà

L490 & L491: Palma-Algaida- Montuiri-Porreres-Felanitx-Portocolom

L492: s'Alqueria Blanca-Cas Concos-Felantix

L495: Hospital Manacor-Porreres-Campos-Santanyí- es Llombards-Ses Salines-Colònia Sant Jordi

This excellent public transport website has route maps for each line. 

Bus Timetables: North West Lines 300

Click on the name of the route to see the timetable.

L301: Pòrtol-Sa Cabaneta-Estació Marratxí

L302: Estació Marratxí-Bon Sosec-Cas capità- Pla de na Tesa-Can Baló-Pont d'Inca-Nou

L307: es Figueral-Bon Sosec- Cas Capita- Pla de na Tesa- Hospital son Llatzer - EsPont d'Inca- Nova Cabana/Son Macia (Marratxi0- es Garrovers/Son Daviu- Son Ramonell/Poligon Marratxi

L311: Estació SFM Santa Maria - Santa Eugènia - Ses Alqueries - Biniali -Sencelles

L312: Estació SFM Inca - Sencelles - Costitx

L320: Alaró - Estació Consell/Alaró

L330: Palma-Festival Park-Santa Maria-Consell-Binissalem-Lloseta-Inca-Selva-Caimari-Lluc

L331: Estació SFM Inca - Mancor - Biniamar

L332: Estació SFM Inca - Selva - Moscari

L333: Estació SFM Inca - Campanet - Búger

L333H: Estació SFM Inca - Hospital Comarcal d'Inca

L340: Palma - Inca - Pollença - Port de Pollença - Llenaira

L351: Palma-Inca-Alcúdia-Port d'Alcúdia-Ciudad de los Lagos-Càmping Platja Blava 

L352: Port de Pollença-Alcúdia-Port d'Alcúdia- Ciudad de los lagos- Can Picafort

L353: Can Picafort- Son Baulo- Camping Muro- Platja de Muro- Platja d'Alcudia- Port d'Alcudia- Alcudia- Club de Sol- Llenaira- Port de Pollenca- Formentor

L354: Can Picafort- Som Baulo- Camping Muro- Platja de Muro- PLatja d'Alcudia- Port d'Alcudia-Alcudia-Club de Sol- Llenria- Port de Pollenca- Cala de Sant Vicenc- Pollenca- Lluca- Escora- Cuber/Gorg Blau- Miradir de ses Barques- Soller- Port de Soller

L355: Can Picafort- Son Baulo- Camping Muro- Platja de Muro- Platja d'Alcudia- Port d'Alcudia- Alcudia- Club de Sol- Llenaira- Port de Pollenca- Cala de Sant Vincec- Pollenca- Lluc- Escorca- sa Calobra

L356A: Platja d'Alcudia- Alcudia- Port d'Alcudia- Alcanada

L356B: Alcudia-el Mal Pas/Bonaire

L356C: Alcudia-es Barcares

L390: Palma-Inca- Llubí-Santa Margalida-Can Picafort

L392: Son Serra de Marina - Can Picafort-Son Baulo

L395: Can Picafort- Som Baulo- Santa Margalida- Muro- Llubi- Hospital Inca- Inca

This excellent public transport website has route maps for each line. 

Bus Timetables: South East Lines 500

Click on the name of the route to see the timetable.

L500: Palma- s'Arenal- Poligon Son Noguera- Llucmajor- Campos

L501: Palma-s'Arenal-Poligon Son Noguera-Llucmajor-Campos-Santanyi-s'Alqueria Blanca-Calonge-Cala Gran-Cala Ferrera-Cala d'Or-Cala Egos-Portopetro

L502: Palma- s'Arenal- Poligon Son Noguera- Llucmajor- Campos-  Colònia de sant Jordi- Ses Salines- es Llombards- Santanyí

L503: Palma-Santanyi-Cala Santanyi-Cala Figuera

L507: Cala Mondrago- sa Barca Trencada- Portpetro- Cala Egos- Cala d'Or- Cala Ferrea

L515: Campos-Sa Ràpita-Son Beleo/s'Estanyoi- Llucmajor

L520: Palma-S'Arenal-Las Palmeras-Delta Maioris-Sa Torre-Badia Blava-Badia Gran-Tolleric

L525: Palma- s'Arenal- Poligon Son Noguera- Llucmajor- Cala Pi

This excellent public transport website has route maps for each line. 

Bus Timetables: South West Lines 100

Click on the name of the route to see the timetable

L100: Andratx-Port d'Andratx-s'Arracó-Sant Elm

L102: Palma-Santa Ponça-Peguera-Andratx-Port d'Andratx 

L104: Palma-Bendinat-Portals Nous-Son Caliu-Palmanova-Magaluf-Son Ferrer-El Toro-Santa Ponça-Costa de la Calma- Peguera 

L105: Palma-Palmanova-Magaluf-El Toro-Son Ferrer

L106: Palma-Bendinat-Portals Nous-Son Caliu-Palmanova-Magaluf 

L107: Palma-Marineland-Son Caliu-Palmanova-Magaluf-Cala Vinyes-Casino

L111: Palma-Portals platja-Portals-Son Caliu-Son Bugadelles-Calvià-es Capdellà

L140: Palma-Puigpunyent-Galilea

This excellent public transport website has route maps for each line. 

Mallorca Bus Route Map

The bus routes are run by Consorci Transports Mallorca, the lines are divided geographically and you can find full bus map online here.

The (very useful) public tansport website gives all the timetables and on-the-spot travel news.