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Arros Brut

Traditional rice dish with vegetables and meat

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Spaniards love their rice. Although under the shadow of the internationally famous paella, almost every region in Spain has its own typical rice dish especially around the Mediterranean, and Mallorca is no exception.

Arros brut means "dirty rice" in mallorquí but there is nothing unclean about it. It is basically a delicious mix of meat and vegetables that change with the seasons with rice made according to the "caldoso" style, which means that it is cooked with excess water so that it is a bit soupy. As with many recipes in Mallorcan cuisine, it has a combination of spices that usually include saffron, paprika, cinnamon, pepper, clover and nutmeg.

Ingredients change with the seasons and range from chicken to pork, game, snails, sobrassada, rabbit, wild mushrooms, pepper, peas, beans, artichoke...