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Mallorca's most famous pastry and a very popular souvenir

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Ensaimada is undoubtedly the most famous pastry from Mallorca and it has old origins that can be traced back to the 17th century, when it was made for parties and celebrations.

It is essentially a spiral-shaped pastry made with flour, eggs, water, sugar, mother dough and 'saim' (pork lard), delicious for breakfast or 'merienda' (afternoon snack) with a coffee. There are different variations on the basic recipe, so you can find ensaimadas filled with 'cabell d'angel' (a very sweet filling made with pumpkin strings), cream, chocolate... In Carnival, it is typically eaten with sobrassada and pumpkin ('tallades').

Mallorcan emigrants have spread the recipe across Latin America, so adaptations can be found in Argentina, Puerto Rico (where it is known simply as 'mallorca') or the Philippines.

It is also very common to see lots of hexagonal ensaimada boxes on the flights leaving Mallorca, being one of the most popular souvenirs to take home from the island.

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