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Mallorca's very popular equivalent to the doughnut

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Bunyols or Buñuelos in Spanish are a sort of doughnut made from a potato dough, cooked in hot oil and sprinkled in sugar.

The air around the small towns in Mallorca on the weekend of ‘Les Verges’ (the virgins), is filled with the smell of frying these tasty treats. The mixture consists of mashed potato, flour, eggs, yeast and butter, once the mixture is combined and left to rise, a small amount is picked up between the thumb and first finger and a thumb hole is pressed through before dropping in the hot oil.

Bunyols are available from many cafes and bakeries during the Les Verges fiesta in October. There are also made freshly at many of Mallorca's Fairs, especialy in the autumn. They are best eaten hot, even if it means waiting for them to be freshly prepared.

Bunyols are traditionally eaten during the festival of Les Verges which has not been widely celebrated for many years but nowadays more and more young boys and girls are getting back into the tradition. The story goes that boys would serenade girls from the street below their window and offer flowers in exchange for bunyols. After singing their hearts out, the mother would invite the boys into the house and serve a freshly made plate of bunyols. The festival is celebrated on the night of the 20th October and during the day of the 21st where you will see many bunyols being enjoyed.