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Calo des Moro, smoke & alcohol-free beach

Santanyí town hall bans alcohol & tobacco on the beach

Featured in: | Ana Hernández, Mallorca Editor | Published
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The picture-perfect Calo des Moro beach has fallen victim to its success. In this Instagram era, more and more tourists are flocking to the paradisiacal cove in search of the ultimate envy-inducing pic. To reduce their impact, the local town hall has decided to put some restrictions in place.

Caló des Moro is a picture-perfect wild cove in south-east Mallorca. Despite its challenging access, which involves walking down some precarious rocky outcrops, this secluded beach has become very popular in the last few years, with hundreds of visitors coming to enjoy its glistening turquoise waters and gorgeous setting.

The Santanyí town hall has now announced that they'll ban alcohol and smoke from the beach. Those who ignore the regulation will face fines of up to €3000. The presence of cigarette butts in the sand is a constant concern, as is the illegal selling of alcohol on the Mallorcan beaches, problems that this norm tries to prevent. The new regulation will probably be approved in November.