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Rock Climbing Improvement Course, Mallorca Island

3 day course to improve rope skills and climbing techniques

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This 3 day course is designed for anybody who would like to take their personal climbing and rope skills to the next level, at some wonderful Mallorcan venues with experienced and friendly instructors.

These climbing courses have been designed in response to the many people who have been introduced to one form of climbing, perhaps at a climbing wall and are now keen to further their general skill and knowledge level. These courses are suitable for climbers who would like to learn more skills either sports or traditional climbing.

Their group sizes are kept small so that they can cater to individual’s requests and organise their instructional days accordingly.

Possible course content:

  • Multi pitch climbing skills
  • Belay and rope skills for multi pitch climbing
  • Leading skills
  • Bouldering techniques
  • Movement coaching
  • Placing gear
  • Belay set ups
  • Pushing your grade
  • Abseil set ups
  • When things don’t go the plan! Rescue techniques (How to rescue an injured partner)

They will help you progress both in your climbing ability and your rope work skills, so that you can safely enjoy climbing at venues around the world

What's included

  • 3 days instruction
  • All equipment
  • Transport during the course

Instructors & teachers

The instructors are highly experienced instructors and climbers and know Mallorca’s climbing venues well. These things combined means they are truly flexible when it comes to planning the courses. They pride themselves on helping you take your climbing to the next level, whatever that may be!

Accommodation arrangements

Accommodation is not included in the price of the course, although they will be happy to advise you on accommodation in the area from 30 Euro per person.


Map of the surrounding area