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Markets in Mallorca

Discover the top Mallorca markets


The essence of traditional Mallorca is distilled at its markets. As locals gather in their town's main square to buy fresh local produce and handcrafted treasures, visitors get a glimpse of what life must have been before the island became the tourist magnet it is today. Of course, they're also the perfect place to get your hands on a unique souvenir from your holiday or to sample some of the delicious fruit, veg, cheese, olive oil, wine and cured meats that Mallorca has to offer.

Markets usually follow a similar pattern with fresh produce around the main square and specialist local produce fanning out from there. Be sure to check out the cheese, cured meats, olive oil and salt offerings. Handmade jewellery, arts & crafts, inexpensive clothing and household goods can also usually be found. And worry not about the language barriers, the locals love it if they see that you are making an effort to blend in, no matter the quality of your Spanglish.

Fall for autumn 2019 in Mallorca

Top 9 markets to visit in Mallorca

Almost every town in Mallorca has a weekly market, each held on a different day of the week. This means that there’s more than enough opportunity to visit a market on the island during your stay but it also means that you may find it hard to choose which market to go to once you're here. That's why we've created a list of the 9 markets we believe are the best on the island.

1. Palma Markets
From street food markets to traditional indoor markets, markets selling organic fruit and veg, fresh fish, second-hand items, arts & crafts... There's a market in Palma for every kind of visitor.

2. Alcudia Market
One of the largest on the island, Alcúdia Market is for history buffs as the stalls are placed inside the town's ancient walls and near the Roman ruins of Pol·lèntia.

3. Arta Market
Very popular with tourists and locals, Artá Market is famous for its tangy local olives and handcrafted ceramics.

4. Consell Flea Market
At the island's largest flea market, locals sell the objects they no longer use, from vintage clothes to antiques, furniture and a vast selection of random items. For bargain hunters in search of a treasure.

5. Inca Market
Inca hosts the biggest market in Mallorca, well-known for its handcrafted leather goods, including shoes, bags and jackets.

6. Pollença Market
Held in the town's main square, under the gaze of its 18th-century church, Pollença market is perfect for a relaxed morning of shopping followed by a 'cortado' in one of the Plaça Major's many terraces.

7. Santanyí Market
Santanyí Market stands out because of its location within the town's narrow winding streets where you can get lost for hours.

8. Santa Maria del Cami Market
Boasting the greatest variety of organic produce sold by local farmers, Santa Maria del Cami Market is for health fanatics looking for chemical-free food.

9. Sineu Market
Established in 1306, this is the most authentic market on the island, and one of the few still selling live animals in Mallorca. For those who want to step back in time.

Best Markets in Mallorca
Market Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Palma (any)
Consell Flea Market            
S. Maria del Camí            
Exploring Mercat de l'Olivar, Palma's best market

Markets in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca's capital city, Palma, hosts all sorts of markets. There are traditional food markets open every day throughout the year selling the freshest local produce, modern gastro markets where you can enjoy the latest foodie trends and the best Mallorcan cuisine and arts & crafts markets, held mainly in Palma's balmy summer evenings.

Which are the best markets in Palma de Mallorca?
We reckon you can happily amble your way through any of the following, in no particular order.

Olivar Market (Monday to Saturday) - Map & details
The Mercat de l'Olivar is the biggest and best indoor shopping experience in the city. Famous for its top-notch food with a great range of fruit, veg, meat and a well-stocked fish market, the Mercat de l'Olivar has been welcoming locals and visitors since 1953. Open every day except Sundays, Olivar is much more than just a market as it has a selection of bars and restaurants ranging from traditional cafes and tapas places to Italian pasta, sushi and poke. Get lost in its seemingly infinite aisles lined with the freshest produce and mingle with the locals.

Santa Catalina Market (Monday to Saturday) - Map & details
The city's gastronomic neighbourhood, Santa Catalina, has its own food shopping hub. Open every day but for Sundays, the Mercat de Santa Catalina is another traditional indoor market boasting rows upon rows of colourful fruit and veg, fresh fish, local meat and handmade cheese. There's also a rotisserie, two sushi stalls and an oyster bar

Pere Garau Market (Monday to Saturday) - Map & details
Located at the heart of Palma's Pere Garau neighbourhood, northeast from the old centre, this is another indoor market open from Monday to Saturday. What makes Pere Garau special is the outdoor market on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the only one in Palma selling live animals. Farmers from neighbouring towns and groups of locals flock to this lively market in the east of the city in the search for fresh produce and cheap clothes.

Llotja del Peix Fish Market (Monday to Saturday) - Map & details
Get here early as the night's catch goes on sale from around 06:00. Fresh mullet, prawns, sardines and sea bass are hawked by women with operatic voices at Es Moll de Pescadors

Mercat 1930 - Map & details
The gastronomic market trend has hit Palma, Mercat 1930 have a street-food vibe, hosting dozens of stalls offering food from all around the world. Local Mallorcan cuisine, tapas and traditional vermouth bars coexist here with sushi bars, Thai curries and fresh oysters. They're open until late on weekends so they are the perfect spot to start your night out in town with some scrumptious food and crafty cocktails.

Mercat Artesanal Plaça Major (depending on time of year) - Map & details
This lively craft market on the Plaça Major of Palma has dozens of stalls selling arts & crafts and is the perfect place to spend a morning in town, as there are buskers playing live music and open-air cafes where you can have a coffee in the sun after a spot of shopping. Opening days depend on the time of the year

Organic & bio market (Tuesday & Saturday) - Map & details
Taking place every Tuesday and Saturday in the centre of the city, the Mercat Eco de Palma is a relatively recent addition to Mallorca's market scene, following on the demand for more organic produce and products on the island. 

Rastro Flea Market (Saturdays) - Map & details
A Palma institution, the Rastro flea market takes place every Saturday morning. It may have lost some of its charm as it was moved from the centre of the city to the industrial area of Son Fuster, on the outskirts, but this is still the place to browse among heaps of second-hand items containing plenty of bargains (and lots of junk too), from old furniture to vintage clothing, jewellery, art, books and much more.

And, if that's not enough for you, here's a summary of every market in the city:

Market Days in Palma de Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Olivar 07:00-14:30      
Santa Catalina 07:00-17:00  
Pere Garau 06:00-14:30          
Fresh Fish Market 06:00-07:00  
Mercat 1930 18:30-00:00            
Plaça Major 10:00-14:00
Jul-Sep &
Easter / Xmas
Mar-Jun &
Organic & Bio 08:00-14:00          
Rastro 08:00-14:00            
Santa Maria del Cami Market

Markets in Central Mallorca

The centre of the island is where the Mallorcan spirit carries on stronger. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the best traditional markets are to be found here. From Sineu to Inca and Consell, if you want an authentic Mallorcan market experience, this is where you need to come.

Where do we go mingle with the locals in central Mallorca?
The following are the most authentic markets in the centre of the island, don't be surprised if you see live chickens running around the stalls! 

Consell Flea Market (Sunday) - Map & details
The small town of Consell hosts the island’s largest flea market every Sunday. The goods here range from second-hand clothes, toys and furniture to jewellery, antiques and a vast selection of bric-a-brac.

Inca Market (Thursday) - Map & details
The biggest market on the island is held on Thursdays in the town of Inca, halfway between Palma and Alcúdia. At Inca Market, they sell everything from fruit and vegetables to olives, olive oil, leather goods, jewellery, clothes, gifts and souvenirs. As it is a less touristy spot, this is one to visit for a more authentic Spanish experience.

Santa Maria del Camí Market (Sunday) - Map & details
Santa Maria del Camí, just off the motorway to the north of Palma, hosts a large market every Sunday. It's very popular as it literally sells everything – think flea market combined with fresh fruit and vegetables. You'll also find plenty of local produce from the area, as well as a small organic section.

Sineu Market (Wednesday) - Map & details
Sineu Market is a wonderfully authentic market held every Wednesday morning in the pretty rural town of Sineu in central Mallorca. Along with the usual fruit, vegetable and local produce stalls, there is a livestock market where farm animals are bought and sold.

Thirsty for more? Here's a summary of the most popular markets in central Mallorca:

Markets Days in Central Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Algaida 08:00-14:00            
Binissalem 08:00-14:00            
Consell 08:00-14:00          
Costitx 08:00-13:00            
Felanitx 08:00-13:00            
Inca 08:00-14:00            
Lloseta 08:00-13:00            
Llubí 09:00-13:00            
Manacor 09:00-13:00            
Montuïri 08:00-13:00            
Muro 09:00-14:30            
Porreres 08:00-13:00            
Sa Pobla 09:00-13:00            
Sant Joan 08:00-14:00            
S. Margalida 09:00-13:00            
S. Maria del Cami 09:00-14:00            
Sencelles 08:00-14:00            
Sineu 08:00-13:30            
Vilafranca de Bonany 08:00-14:00            
Soller Market

Markets in North Mallorca

The north of Mallorca is well known for its beautiful beaches and epic mountain sceneries. Both the tourist resorts and picturesque towns in this area celebrate weekly markets.

Which markets are worth visiting in North Mallorca?
Our recommendations for the pick of the bunch are:

Alcúdia Market (Tuesday & Sunday) - Map & details
The walled town of Alcúdia in the north (just a couple of kilometres from the beach resorts of Port d'Alcúdia) has an impressive market held on Tuesdays and Sundays. It makes for a great day out with the opportunity to explore some of the town’s ancient walls, cobbled streets and traditional squares while in the area.

Pollença Market (Sunday) - Map & details
In the north, just a few kilometres away from the family-favourite holiday town of Port de Pollença, lies the historic town of Pollença. This village hosts an arts & crafts, local produce and nick-nacks market on Sunday mornings. Pollença is well worth a trip in its own right, boasting pretty traditional Mallorcan buildings, so do factor in some time here to have a look around. The market square is a great place to sit with a cup of coffee and soak up the atmosphere whilst listening to the live music acts in the square.

Not enough? Then here's a summary of the most popular markets in the north of the island:

Market Days in North Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Alcúdia 08:00-13:30          
Can Picafort 08:00-14:00          
Pollença 08:00-13:30            
Port de Pollença 08:00-13:30            
Port d'Alcudia 08:00-13:30            
Artá Market

Markets in East Mallorca

Mallorca's eastern coastline is dotted with small beach resorts, purpose-built around sandy coves. Many of these host weekly markets throughout the year.

Where are the liveliest markets in East Mallorca?
Much more than just a collection of stalls, this is our top pick for the market with the best atmosphere in this corner of the island:

Artá Market (Tuesday) - Map & details
Popular with both locals and tourists, Artá Market is one of the most charming in Mallorca. As well as arts & crafts, local produce, clothes, flowers, homeware and jewellery, there's usually live music and the market is bigger during the high season, from April to October. Stop by when visiting the famous local caves for a fun day out on the island.

Artá is only one of many, however. Here's a summary of the most popular markets in East Mallorca:

Market Days in East Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Artá 09:00-13:30            
Cala Ratjada 08:00-13:00            
Capdepera 07:00-13:00            
Porto Cristo 09:00-14:00            
Portocolom 09:00-14:00          
Sant Llorenç 09:00-13:00            
Santanyi, Mallorca

Markets in South Mallorca

The biggest beach resorts on the island are located in the south, around the Bay of Palma. However, there are still some authentic Spanish markets to be visited in the area, including the popular Santanyí market.

Where would you find us buying our oranges in South Mallorca?
Our list is short but sweet for this one as there's one market that's a cut above the rest.

Santanyí Market (Wednesday & Saturday) - Map & details.
It's the setting that makes this market stand apart from the rest. Celebrated in Santanyí's meandering medieval streets, you'll feel like you've been transported back in time. Wander around and get lost among the 200 colourful stalls lining the narrow cobbled streets of this ancient town filled with fresh produce and arts & crafts.

That's not all, though. Here's a summary of the most popular markets in South Mallorca:

Market Days in South Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Campos 09:00-13:00          
Llucmajor 08:00-13:00          
Santanyí 09:00-14:00          
Ses Salines 08:00-14:30            
Soller Market

Markets in West Mallorca

Western Mallorca is wild and rugged, its villages perched atop cliffs or standing at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. Most of the towns in this area of the island host wonderfully authentic weekly markets that are worth a visit. West Mallorca is also famous as a celebrities' stomping ground. Keep your eyes peeled when wandering around the local markets as you may bump into Richard Branson or Michelle Obama.

Which markets in West Mallorca are perfect for a day out?
The following are our favourite markets in West Mallorca:

Andratx Market (Wednesdays) - Map & details
A picturesque town to visit and make a day of, Andratx is located in the south-west of Mallorca. Its market is held on Wednesdays and, like most markets, products on offer range from flowers, fruit and veg, cheese, meat and fish to leather goods, footwear and clothing. There’s also the opportunity to pick up some holiday souvenirs.

Sóller Market (Saturdays) - Map & details
Over in the west of the island is the popular town of Sóller and their market is held on Saturday mornings attracting people from all over the island. It's best to make a day trip for this one, as there is plenty to do and see in Sóller and Port de Sóller which are linked by a handy traditional tram. Everything from leather goods, the famous Mallorcan straw bags, fruit and veg and local produce can be found here. Be sure to pick up some of Sóller’s famous local orange preserve here too.

Craving more market fun? Here's a summary of the most popular markets in West Mallorca:

Market Days in West Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Alaró 09:00-13:00            
Andratx 08:00-13:00            
Caimari 08:00-13:00            
Calvià 08:30-13:00            
Deia 08:00-13:00            
Esporles 08:00-13:00            
Peguera 08:30-13:00            
Port de Sóller 08:00-13:00            
Puigpunyent 08:00-13:00            
Santa Ponça 08:30-13:00            
Selva 08:00-13:00            
Sóller 08:00-14:00            
Valldemossa 08:00-14:00            
Pollenca Market

Summer night markets in Mallorca

During the summer, many of the coastal resorts have night markets tailored towards tourists seeking Mallorca-inspired arts and crafts, jewellery, clothing and other trinkets. These usually take place from May to September and attract a lively crowd drawn to its magical twinkle-light atmosphere, unique objects on offer, live music and entertainment.

Where would we go for an evening summer stroll?
Almost every beach resort on the island hosts a night market along its sea promenade in the summer. There are so many that we've decided not to compare which ones are best, just go along and soak up the atmosphere! Here's a summary of where and when they take place:

Summer Night Markets in Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Cala d'Or 18:00-23:00            
Cala Egos 18:00-23:00            
Cala Ferrera 17:00-00:00            
Cala Figuera 18:00-23:00            
Cala Millor 09:30-13:00            
Capdepera 18:00-23:00        
Colonia de Sant Jordi 16:00-22:30            
Magaluf 19:00-00:00
Palma (Lonja) 19:00-00:30      
Peguera 19:00-00:00
Playa de Muro 19:00-23:00
Playa de Palma 20:00-00:00
Port d'Alcúdia 18:00-22:00      
Port d'Andratx 20:00-00:00            
Port de Pollença 19:00-00:00          
Portocolom 17:00-00:00            
Porto Cristo 17:00-00:00            
Porto Petro 18:00-23:00            
Sa Coma 19:00-00:00            
Sa Pobla 18:00-23:00            
Santa Ponça 19:00-00:00
Santanyí 19:00-23:00            
Ses Covetes 09:00-21:00        
S'Estanyol 17:00-20:00              
S'Illot 18:30-22:30            
Santa Maria del Cami, Mallorca

Village markets in Mallorca

Almost every town and village in Mallorca has a market, usually taking place once a week. Here are some of the smaller markets held in Mallorca throughout the year:

  • Monday: Lloret de Vistalegre, Mancor de la Vall
  • Tuesday: Biniamar, Campanet, Es Pla de Na Tesa, Pina, S'Alqueria Blanca
  • Wednesday: Bunyola, Capdepera, Cas Concos, Petra, Sa Cabana, Sa Rapita
  • Thursdays: Ariany, Banyalbufar, Calonge, Es Llombards, Pòrtol, Sa Torre
  • Friday: Santa Maria de la Salut, Es Pont d'Inca, S'Arracó, Son Carrió, Son Ferrer, Son Servera
  • Saturday: Badia Gran/Pedrafort, Biniali, Buger, Bunyola, Campanet, Esporles, Estellencs, Les Palmeres, Moscari, Palmanyola, Santa Eugenia, Sa Rapita, S'Horta
  • Sunday: Marratxí