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Safe beaches in Mallorca this summer 2021

New app shows real-time safety information on Palma's beaches
Featured in: News & Reviews · Ana Hernández, Mallorca Editor | Published


'Platges Secures' (meaning 'Safe Beaches') is a new app developed by Palma de Mallorca's town council to ensure the safety of beachgoers. You'll be able to know just how crowded the beach is in real time, plus learn all about the current safety measures and protocols.

Four occupancy levels have been devised using a colour code: green (less than 30% ) and yellow (30% to 60%) mean that safety is ensured, while orange (more than 60%) indicates that there's a risk to go over the safe occupancy level. When the code is red, there's more than 90% of the recommended number of people on the beach and it'll probably be shut down by the authorities.

'Platges Secures' also has all the latest information on Coronavirus-related measures and rules, as well as a section showing real-time beach warning flags. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and the App Store. The app is available in English, German, Spanish and Catalán.