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Horno Santo Cristo Bakery & Cafe, Palma Centre & Marina

Traditional bakeries throughout Palma, famous for their ensaimadas

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Founded in 1910 by the Coll family, this is one of the oldest bakeries and cafes on the island. They're famous for their fluffy and flakey ensaimada.

They're specialised in traditional Mallorcan bakes, not only the ensaimada (of which they offer multiple varieties) but also panades, robiols, cocas, cocarrois and cremadillos. 

They have bakeries and cafes all around Mallorca's capital city, including three in the centre (Plaza Marqués del Palmer, Carrer Paraires & Carrer Sant Miquel), two in Porto Pi (marina and Porto Pí Shopping Centre) and one in FAN Shopping Centre. 


Map of the surrounding area