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Best Local Produce from Mallorca

Discover the top Mallorca local produce


Agriculture is a mainstay of the Mallorcan economy, and the central part of Majorca is devoted to farming. Crops such as citrus fruits, almonds, olives and other soft fruits like apricots and grapes have been grown for centuries.

Pork has long been a central part of the Mallorcan diet and the island's own Sobrassada sausage is a delicious and unique spicy paste. Gourmet sea salt has grown in demand in recent years and the salt plains to the south east of Majorca are producing flavoured salts for a global market.

Mallorca's local produce is celebrated in the Autumn months with many fairs & festivals dedicated to such products as the olive, mushrooms, pumpkins, wine, sobrassada and honey. Have a look at our Main Events in Mallorca page for more information.

Almonds from Mallorca

Beautiful trees & delicious produce from the almond orchards

Botifarrons - Mallorcan Blood Sausage

A type of sausage that is similar to a black pudding

Mallorcan Mushrooms

Wild forest mushrooms are a popular autumnal side dish in Mallorca

Mallorcan Olive Oil

Quality olive oil from Mallorca made from ancient olive trees

Mallorcan Olives

A staple of the Spanish diet that forms a traditional starter for most meals

Mallorcan Sea Salt

Luxury sea salt harvested from the salt flats of Mallorca

Mallorcan Seafood

Straight from the Mediterranean to your plate

Mallorcan Spirits

Popular with the locals & a great gift or souvenir of your holiday

Porcella - Mallorcan Suckling Pig

Local suckling pig, with quality label

Sobrassada - Mallorca Sausage

Raw, cured sausage made with pork and paprika

Sóller Oranges

Grown in Sóller's 'Valle de los Naranjos' or Orange Valley