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Mallorca Classic Week, Son Vida (Golf)

The islands most prestigious classic car event

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Mallorca's classic cars come together for this special affair

Mallorca Classic Week started out successfully at Port Adriano in 2016, one of the most exclusive Super Yacht Ports in the Mediterranean. In 2022, Son Vida Golf Club was announced as the new partner and location. Therefore the First Vintage 1930's Hickory Golf Club Challenge and the International Concours d´Elegance for classic cars will be organised at Son Vida Golf Club. Russel Stevens Memorial Drive and Crime Drive will remain to be traditional events of Mallorca Classic Week and there's a limit of 50 cars participating. There will be a limit of 60 players for the Hickory Golf Challenge and 20 classic cars for the International Concours d´Elegance.

Admission will be decided by the Selection Committee.

Visit the website for further information on the individual events of MCW 2022.


Map of the surrounding area