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Sant Pere Festival, Port d'Alcudia

Celebrations and entertainments in the resort of Port d'Alcúdia

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Port d'Alcúdia joins in the celebrations for Sant Pere with over a week of entertainments, music, parties, dancing and events. 

The origins of this festival may be traced back to the maritime past of some of the towns in which it is celebrated. Processions at sea, parades, street parties and gastronomic events such as the popular 'sardinada' (sardine fest) are the festive elements that usher in the Mallorcan summer.

The day of Sant Pere (29th June) starts with a sea and land procession and finishes with a fireworks display at midnight. The boats are festooned for this special occasion, and they accompany the image of the patron saint on its passage through the tranquil bay of Alcúdia. During the preceding week, the Port hosts all kinds of cultural and leisure-related events including cercaviles (parades) featuring the Gegants (Giants) of Alcúdia, and various musical and gastronomic events.


Port d'Alcudia


Map of the surrounding area