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La Rosa Vermuteria & Colmado Restaurant

A trendy and retro, traditional tapas haunt in the heart of the city centre.

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An old-fashioned local with quality tapas and lovely portions of homemade and authentic

Committed to recovering the old customs of enjoying simple cuisine with exceptional
seasonal produce, alongside high quality conservatives, hand-sliced jamon and freshly
homemade delicacies, the crisp and uncontrived flavours at La Rosa aim to take you on a
trip down memory lane, awakening emotional memories of the past.

Their interior is busy and industrial, yet traditional with edgy quaint details dressed across
the walls.

The staff are approachable and friendly and usually more than happy to walk you through
the menu in English. Ensure you order their patatas bravas and depending on the season,
their clams, mussels, and seafood in general will be filling the forks of the locals and their
high-quality canned goods taste just as good as the seasonal produce.
Unlike most of their Palma peers, they don’t shut between lunch and dinner allowing post-
shopping appetites to be gratefully satiated throughout the late afternoon. Also a rarity in
Spain, and especially Mallorca, they’re open on a Sunday with the evening service often
being their liveliest period.

Note that reservations are recommended for the evening hours on any day of the week.

Visitor comments

“Authentic tapas, with huge portions and great quality! Amazing service and atmosphere -
it's a trendy but casual / relaxed spot - would definitely recommend!” – Trip Advisor

“We went for tapas at night and it was crowded but we found a corner by the window and
were served our food there. Lovely retro decorations, great ambiance, good but inexpensive
food and, above all, nice staff, which is not the most common thing in Palma, where most
servers just do their job and seem to be in a bad mood. They have a good selection of
wines.” – Trip Advisor

“This small restaurant tucked away is a must. There is no outside space but the bar is great…
well everything is great ! The service (usually one of my bug bears) was amazing, so friendly,
so attentive even though it’s always packed. The food is all great, I promise you must go!
Enjoy!” – Trip Advisor


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