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Roxy's Beach Bar

Friendly beach-shack right on the waters edge

featured in Beach reviews Author Nicola Henderson, Site Editor Updated

When I think about a really great day at the beach, there are a number of things that spring to mind.  Clean beach, soft sand, warm clear water, and well-behaved children... But what really MAKES a great day at the beach, is a great beach bar. And wahey - we found one!

Down by the super-sexy marina in Peurto Portals, there is a small beach (to the east of the harbour wall) that is home to Roxy's Beach Bar. The bar sits on a rocky outcrop at the far end of the beach and faces west, where it catches the last rays of the setting sun. Open from 10am to 10pm, you can eat, drink and check out the views to chill-out music (which gets distinctively clubbier as the evening approaches).

We spent a couple of hours on the beach in the afternoon, and two of the guys decided that a swim to the island about 500 metres away was in order.  It turned out that this burst of exercise was their excuse to hit the bar early, and as we had missed out on lunch, it did seem like a pretty good idea.  We were greeted by the friendly owner, and grabbed a sandwich and a salad at the bar before moving to a table overlooking the bay.

The bar is very popular with day boat-trippers, who moor their yacht or speedboat and take a tender to the bar (the bar has it's own dinghy to collect you).  It makes for a wonderful sight, and we all looked on enviously at the wake-board boat with heavy-duty speakers anchored a few yards from us. Jugs of Sangria were free-flowing, and are highly recommended!  Made with white wine rather than the usual red, it had a very pleasant scent of vanilla and came loaded with fresh fruit.  The Cava version comes with strawberries and is equally delicious, if a touch more expensive.

Roxy's has managed to create a very cool and relaxed atmosphere, which attracts the international types as well as locals.  We eventually staggered away once the sun had set and the boaters were beginning to take their leave. Roxy's is just the kind of bar every beach should have, and we are just grateful that it's our local!  There's only a touch of worry that Sangria Sunday may turn into Sangria Monday, and Sangria Tuesday, and...


Map of the surrounding area