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Es Calo des Moro Beach, South Mallorca

A protected beach in South East Mallorca

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Es Calò des Moro is one of those picture perfect calas that takes your breath away. 'One of the last paradises of Mallorca,' claims the foundation 'Amics d'Es Calò des Moro' which has been looking after it for the last fifteen years.

Calò des Moros is often mistakenly called S'Almunia, which is the cala adjacent to it. A huge hotel was once prevented from being built on the land here and the foundation worked hard to clear the rubbish that had been left and plant 2,000 indigenous plants. The result of this dedication is a beautiful, clean beach with crystalline waters in a beautiful setting. 

Hotels nearby
The nearest small resort is Cala Santanyi, 6 kilometres to the northeast and it has some  hotels, plus it is a lovely place to have a quiet and relaxed holiday. If you prefer the inland location, then try the selections of hotels and fincas in Santanyi. 

Restaurants nearby
There are no restaurants at or close to the beach. The nearest outlets are in Cala Llombards serving casual tapas. For more coastal options, head to Cala Santanyi, or for inland international options, head to the ‘pueblo’ of Santanyi.


Setting & Location

The beach is located close to a small residential area located in the south east of the island, six kilometres from Santanyí. There is a ‘makeshift’ car park nearby and signposts to the cala. Don't be put off by the 'private property' sign; the cala is privately owned, but open to the public. It's a short walk but to get down to the sea you need to be agile, as the descent is a little precarious. There are no stairs, just outcrops of sandy rock. 

Water Safety & Clarity

Stunning turquoise water glistens between rocky cliffs that are covered with bushes and pine trees. On one side there is a cavern where the water cools down significantly and, for the adventurous swimmers, there is the opportunity to climb up the side of the rock for an exhilarating jump.There is no lifeguard station here, but It is not a bad place for children to go for a dip as the water is shallow and almost always calm. 

Beach Quality

Calo des Moro is an incredibly beautiful beach situated deep inside a bay with sheer cliffs. The actual beach area is very small and the water comes up quite far.  The sandy spaces are limited and interrupted by rough rock, where people sit or leave their bags while swimming. When it's busy there's little space to lay down a towel. It's definitely a cala that will appeal to those preferring to swim rather than sunbathe. Due to it being so small, it's not a beach you would spend a whole day at. 


Watersports Nearby

There are no water sports rental facilities, but the bay is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. It is a significant distance to a watersports rental outlet - namely as far as Porto Petro or Colonia de Sant Jordi.



From Santanyí, continue southeast towards Cala Llombards, the beach is well-signposted near this area. There is limited parking available, so once you arrive in the vicinity, follow the signs and park in designated areas. After parking, you may need to walk a short distance to reach Es Calo des Moro Beach. Follow any marked pathways or trails leading to the beach.


Map of the surrounding area