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Sa Calobra Beach, West Mallorca

Famous remote beach on the west coast of Majorca
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Sa Calobra is an unusual part pebble/part sand beach situated at the end of a gorge made by the Torrent de Pareis. It is one of the most famous spots on Majorca and has been an inspiration for artists in the past and present.

There are two separate beaches in this cove. When you arrive (by car, coach or boat) in Sa Calobra you will see a small stony beach in front of a restaurant and you be tempted to think what is the fuss about? However, if you follow the paved path to the right you will come to a short, narrow tunnel (well-lit) from which you will emerge on to the main Sa Calobra/Torrent de Pareis beach.

The part of the beach which lies directly in front of the sea between high cliffs is very small, at 30 metres by 15 metres, and is made from gravelly sand. This beach is separated from the larger section of stony beach by the stream Torrent de Pareis.

There are no facilities at this beach, so bring something comfortable to sit on or lie on. Back at Sa Calobra there are bars and restaurants, along with toilets and first aid help.

The closest place to stay is not really very close at all. Basic accommodation can be found at Lluc Sanctuary near Escorca, but for a bit more comfort, head to Soller to the south, or Pollenca to the north.

Setting & Location

As lovely as this spot is, it has become a victim of it's own beauty, and throughout the year you will find bus loads of tourists descend on the place. It is a nightmare journey through the mountains, up and down a twisty, narrow, steep road that will take you about an hour from the junction off the Ma-10 (the road north from Soller, between Morro de sa Vaca and Morro de sa Corda). You will need to time your journey so that you avoid the coaches on the way down in the morning, and on the way up in the afternoon.  And don't forget the hundreds of road cyclists that consider the descent/ascent one of the best challenges in Mallorca.

Water Safety & Clarity

The water is a wonderful blue-green colour and perfectly clear. There is no lifeguard on duty here.


By far the best way to get to Sa Calobra and the Torrent de Pareis is by boat (you can catch a passenger boat in the Port de Soller or charter your own boat), or by car, or by hiking down through the Torrent de Pareis in the cooler off-season. 


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