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Sensational simulators at Rafa's musem

Tennis superstar opens museum in hometown of Manacor

featured in News & reviews Author Ana Hernández, Mallorca Editor Updated

The high-tech sports centre set up by Rafa Nadal in Mallorca has added a new attraction to its already extensive list of facilities: a sports museum which includes a whole set of immersive experiences for all the aspiring athletes out there.

Called Sport-Xperience by Rafa Nadal, the museum features exhibitions displaying not only Rafa's own trophies, rackets and memorabilia, but also objects donated to the tennis player by his famous friends, including legends like Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Sebastian Vettel, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Phelps and many more. Visitors will also be able to witness some of these athletes greatest feats on a 180-degree wraparound screen with the latest sound and image technology.

But the star of the show is the Xperiential Room, a floor full of simulators that will put visitor's skills to the test. You will be able to try your hand at rowing, see how well you can shoot a penalty, feel the thrills of a MTB downhill, race a Formula 1 car or take up a climbing challenge, among other activities.

This new museum enlarges Nadal's sports centre, joining its tennis academy, restaurant, private school, residence for adults, sports clinic and large fitness centre. Rafa himself is currently preparing for the Olympics, after having struggled with an ongoing injury this season. His last Olympic participation took place in 2008, when he won the gold medal.