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Cala Sant Vicenc Beaches

Three magnificent beaches in North Majorcan resort of Cala San Vicente

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Cala Sant Vicenç, also known in Spanish as Cala San Vicente is a small beach resort located on the Mallorcan coast between Pollenca and Puerto Pollensa. Tucked away between the Tramuntana Mountains, the clear waters of Cala Sant Vicenc are surrounded by impressive rocky cliffs. There are three magnificent beaches here each boasting views that stretch out across the sea for as far as the eye can see.

As you approach the small resort of Cala Sant Vicenc, the views across the town are striking as the rocky cliffs dive into the sea, enclosing the beaches. There is only one route to Cala Sant Vicenc by car and this is from the turning on the Pollenca to Puerto Pollenca Ma-2200 road, it only takes about 10minutes once you make the turning and the road gently meanders towards Cala San Vicente. Alternatively, if you are feeling energetic or fancy exploring the great Majorcan outdoors then there is a hiking path through the valley from Puerto Pollensa to the bay in Cala Sant Vicenc that takes about an hour to walk. The walk begins at the sign for Siller on the Puerto Pollenca bypass road.

The first beach on the road to Cala San Vicente is called Cala Barques and is located down a set of steps by the car park. Further on from this is the main beach of Cala Molins, this is the most popular and busiest of the three beaches for both snorkelling and sunbathing. The waters here are very clean and clear so it’s definitely recommended to dip your toes in and go for a swim. Both these beaches offer sunbeds and shades for half and full day hire, this is easier than taking your own as the stairs to the beach can be a bit uneven. Many kayaks also come and go from Cala Molins as it’s a great way to discover the cliffs. Alongside Cala Molins are a few restaurants including one right on the beach and many restaurants offer a great Menu del Dia for lunch during the summer season.

The crystal clear waters and fabulous underwater rock formations make Cala Sant Vicenc a stunning place to snorkel or scuba dive, and many local scuba diving companies will take regular dives to this area during peak season. The beaches at Cala Sant Vicenc offer great nooks and crannies but the unshelterd bay can be hit by huge waves during bad weather that pummel the cliffs and beaches. During the peak season there is always a lifeguard on duty who will closely monitor the sea conditions and fly green or red flags depending on the conditions and these should not be ignored.

The third and smallest of the beaches at Cala Sant Vicenc, Cala Cabro is nestled amongst the cliffs further round the coastline and is a small cove made up of pebbles and is a popular stop for fishing boats and kayaks.

There are many hotels and restaurants in the town of Cala Sant Vicenc but unlike Puerto Pollensa, Cala Sant Vicenc was built on the cliffs which means there are no long, flat promenades. This can make getting around a bit tricky if you are with a pushchair.

The resort of Cala Sant Vicenc has two main car parks and many streets with parking bays. During the summer months the beaches here attract big crowds so these car parks can get quite busy. The bus from either Pollenca or Puerto Pollensa takes 15minutes and costs around 1.50€ each way.

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Map of the surrounding area