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Inca's Dijous Bo Fair

Autumn fair that takes place in the town of Inca in central north Mallorca

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The Dijous Bo autumn fair is held in Inca on the fourth Thursday after the feast of St Luke (18th October) in November, and is the largest fair of its kind in Mallorca. As with most of Majorca's autumn fairs, it originated as an agricultural fair celebrating the harvest, and has since grown to include a range of sporting and cultural entertainments.

Dijous Bo is Catalan for 'Good Thursday' and the event actually kicks off on the previous weekend, with parties and a 'fire run', and the reading of the proclamation. Festivities start with a bang on the Wednesday evening with the annual Mallorcan black pig contest and auction followed by the official opening of the farmers market by the town mayor. Art exhibitions, bird shows, and live music are among the entertainments, and the parties being held in many of Inca's bars and restaurants last all night. A special train timetable that runs through the night is operated to help visitors travel easily to the event.

Of course, the main fair is on the Thursday, and attracts hundreds of thousands of people. With the farmers market in full swing, along with the usual market stalls of handicrafts and locally made leather goods, there is plenty to browse through the streets of Inca. Many of the stall keepers wear traditional Majorcan clothing and the streets are dotted with straw bales and ancient farming tools. In keeping with the agricultural heritage, old & new farming equipment and livestock are on display, and there is a horse show featuring beautiful Minorcan horses. There is a small fairground and trampolines for the children to play on and plenty of sweet treats on sale to keep those energy levels up.

The traditional Mallorcan giants are of course on show, and you can enjoy cooking displays, fashion shows and wine tasting. Local commerce exhibitions help promote local businesses and serve as a reminder that this is not just a show for visitors, but an important time for local trade.


Map of the surrounding area