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Pepe's Bar Review

Bags of character and easy, tasty food in beautiful Cala Sant Vincenc

Featured in: | Anita Gait, Mallorca Reporter | Published

Cala Sant Vincenc situated just outside of Pollenca and Puerto Pollensa is a beautiful old fisherman’s town well worth a visit for a chance to escape the bigger resorts on the coast. Small though it is, it does boast a range of eateries most of which are as close to the beach as possible and can get fairly swarmed by the beach going crowds, which is why I ended up having lunch in Pepe’s bar.

Set back from the Cala Molins beach a little way Pepe’s was an oasis of calm amidst the lunchtime throng. It did fill up as people headed off the main front in search of somewhere to eat, but the staff retained their aura of calm and I spent a pleasant hour sitting in the plentiful shade on their terrace enjoying a great lunch of proper beach day out food, hot dog and chips.

Humble though it may sound it was exactly what I was looking for, nothing fancy but filling and cheap. Ordering fairground food I was expecting it to come on little more than a paper napkin or styrofoam container but when it came it was well presented on a large plate and served with a mountain of fresh salad, a welcome bonus not mentioned on the menu. I enjoyed my hotdog lunch and diet coke for a measly €7.50 and was left to sit as long as I liked after I finished with no attempt to clear me out or make room for new trade.

Although I was in the mood for junk fund I’d be doing a disservice to their menu if I implied that was all they ran to. On the contrary as well as their burgers, sandwiches and full pizza list, Pepe’s offers a tapas menu with two portion sizes and a heartier menu full of items to delight the carnivores, steak, chicken,  pork or lamb chops, and even rabbit appearing on their specials menu. They also pride themselves on their fresh seafood and had a good selection with calamari served fried or grilled, prawns, John Dory, swordfish and other fresh fish options on their specials menu all served with a good plateful of chips and salad.

The affordable menu has a good sized children’s section at €4.00 a meal and they’re onto a winner with their set menu which offers three courses for €10.00 including a glass of wine or soft drink and which several people opted for whilst I sat there shamelessly eavesdropping. I also watched the John Dory be served grilled and whole, it was presented beautifully and looked like it was thoroughly enjoyed, I managed to resist taking pictures of other peoples food.

Pepe’s has a great traditional feel to it with Pepe himself featuring in photographs displayed in the menu showing him strolling along a deserted Cala Molins beach back in 1920 and Pepe’s bar standing alone on the now built up street in 1975. His family members work in the kitchen and serve the meals and there is a relaxed family atmosphere to the place down to the exceptionally old canine crewmember who patrolled the terrace and dozed in the sun throughout lunch service.

Had I been staying the night in Cala Sant Vincenc I would have been more than tempted to return to sample something more elaborate for dinner and perhaps work my way through their surprisingly large cocktail menu alas I had to depart, but if you fancy visiting Pepe’s bar for lunch or dinner be aware that they do not accept credit cards and that they close on Saturdays. Getting there is easy enough and there is a large free carpark directly opposite the restaurant, there’s indoor and outdoor seating as well as a small upstairs terrace to accommodate any extras. Head there if you want a family friendly easy meal off the crowded seafront. Avoid if you want fine dining or need a full sea view.

Location: Cala Sant Vincenc, opposite Cala Molins beach.

Cusine: Spanish, seafood, pub food.

Style: family friendly.

Open: Sunday – Monday lunch and dinner.

Address:  Carrer Torrent, Cala San Vincente, Majorca, Spain

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