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Playa Es Caragol Beach, South Mallorca

One of Mallorca's most southerly & quiet beaches
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Es Caragol is one of the most southerly beaches in Mallorca. If you love walking along rugged coastlines and sunbathing somewhere a little more remote than your usual tourist spot, then this place is for you.

Some people prefer to set up camp on the rocks, but if you want easy access to the sea and a sandy beach, then keep on going until you see the small fisherman's lodge. 

It's a great beach if you don't want to hear the chatter of fellow tourists. There's plenty of sand and space for children to play to their heart's content, as long as they can make the initial walk. Nudism is allowed and practised by some.

There are some rubbish bins, but don't expect any facilities or life guards.

The nearest port facilities are located at Port Colonia de Sant Jordi at 4,2 nautical miles. 


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Setting & Location

Head right of the lighthouse and soon you'll find a sandy path. On one side, you have the red rugged coastline with that wonderful rock formation which reminds me of meteorites, and on the other side, lots of vegetation. The walk, which is flat, takes about 25 minutes.  

Water Safety & Clarity

The bay is quite open and the water was choppy when I visited, with areas of algae. On calmer days, I'm told the water is crystal clear.

Beach Quality

You won't miss the large stretch of white sand which is over a kilometre long. 


To reach the beach, head to the lighthouse, Far de Cap des Salines. There may well be a line of cars already there, but it won't feel busy. There is no car park so parking is on the road, and you will need a car as no public transport stops here.


  • Parking on street


  • Swimming