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Pollença Moors & Christians Mock Battle

Festival to celebrate Joan Mas, a local 16th century hero

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It's Pollença's turn to reenact the battle between the local hero Joan Mas and the pirate invasion of the Moors led by Dragut Rais.

The celebrations start every year with an Alborada (a traditional Pollenca song) and end with fireworks. The morning song is followed by mass, then the dance of Es Cossiers. At 17:30 an image of the Virgin Mary is paraded through the streets, led by folk in 1500s costume. The real fun starts at 19:00 with the reenacted battle – villagers dress up in tatty pyjamas and face paint, armed with cutlasses, swords and sticks.

Expect much jollity, dressing up and firecrackers, and a strong liquor known as 'mesclat' which no doubt gives the soldiers some Dutch courage!


Pollença centre


Map of the surrounding area