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Best Indoor Activities in Mallorca

Discover the top Mallorca indoor activities



Whatever you choose to do on your holiday, you are sure to find a huge range of indoor activities across Mallorca. From relaxation to culture and sports, there is something for everyone, every ability and every age in Mallorca. Check out the selection of things to do below for some holiday inspiration!


Discover some of the beautiful underwater wildlife in the aquarium. Visiting any of the Aquariums or Sea Life Centres is sure to be a fun day out for everyone where you get to see some of the wildlife hidden by the deep blue. 

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You can find indoor badminton courts in many of the sport centres all around Mallorca.

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Many of the sport centres around Mallorca have facilities to play basketball.

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Catch the latest films and releases in Mallorca on your holiday. Look out for VOS or VOSE for English speaking films. 

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Fitness & swimming in Mallorca

There are modern gyms in Mallorca to try and keep fit while on vacation. Many hotels also offer fitness facilities.

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There are indoor football courts in many of the sport centres around Mallorca for you to organise a friendly match.

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Indoor activities in Mallorca

There are bowling alleys in Mallorca to keep you entertained on bad weather days, or if you're looking for something to do with a group.

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Museums & Galleries

Mallorca has a wide range of museums and galleries to keep visitors entertained. From historical buildings and churches to very important art collections, including those dedicated to artists that lived locally like Joan Miró. The region also offers archaeological sites, history museums and exhibitions dedicated to typical products like pottery or pearls.

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Not only in the capital, Palma, but also in smaller towns all around the island, Mallorca offers a wide range of choices for shopping. From beach essentials to local produce or typical goods like pottery or glassware, you are sure to find what you're looking for.

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Play squash whilst you're in Mallorca either during winter or summer. Normally located in the main sports centre, you should be able to rent all you need on site. Alternatively some of the hotels or spas have their own squash courts too.

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If you'd like to take a dip indoors, you'll be able to find somewhere to go for a swim in Mallorca. Most hotels have their own swimming facilities, however there are also municipal swimming baths that you can visit. In summer and winter, you should be able to find somewhere to take a dip, so don't forget your towel and your swimming costume or shorts.

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There are multiple places where you can practice yoga in Mallorca. From sports centres to spas and fitness facilities, you're sure to find a place to relax, stretch and find your balance.

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