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Sa Pobla Autumn Fair

featured in News & reviews Author Nicola Henderson, Site Editor Updated

The Fira de Tardor (Autumn Fair) in Sa Pobla is one of Mallorcas biggest. Thousands of people flock the streets of this town during the last weekend of November, and the fair offers the typical markets of local produce and handicrafts. In addition, there are demonstrations by master craftsmen, and of marshal arts by local children. Plenty of concerts are programmed with modern rock bands complementing the traditional music of the xeremier (Majorcan bagpipes).

This year, the rice crop has been chosen as the central theme of the fair. Sa Pobla is situated just south of the wetlands of S'Albufera and the fertile, irrigated plains suit the production of 'bomba' rice. This 'king of paella rices' is a short grained rice similar to risotto rice. It absorbs more liquid than other rices, which makes it more flavourful. Many of the local restaurants prepare special rice dishes which also feature local produce such as fish, sobradassa and honey. An exposition of rice, it's history and production was set up in the main square, where you could learn about the agricultural process (if you understand Catalan!), and buy sacks of rice. Local wine was also available for tastings and to buy.

An alternative medicine conference was also held this weekend, featuring natural remedies, yoga, reiki and a massage booth.

The more traditional aspects of the autumn fair are demonstrated with horse exhibitions & parades, and displays of agriculutural tools and machinery. And no autumn fair would be complete without a parade of the Majorcan giants. Sa Pobla's town hall do publish the programme for the fair - it is in Catalan - if your language skills are a bit under-developed, you can at least see the times of the events.