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Cocktails at Bonys Bar, Puerto Pollensa

Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails at Bony’s Bar in Puerto Pollenca

featured in Nightlife Reviews Author Anita Gait, Mallorca Reporter Published

Bony’s bar in Puerto Pollenca’s main square is a great spot full of fun, cocktails and character and with a brilliant view of the goings on in the main market square of the town.

Bony’s has carved out a deep niche for themselves as the easygoing, large measure pouring, 6-hour happy hour having, cheap and cheerful, day time drinking hub of Puerto Pollenca. This bar has no pretentions about it, the order of the day is alcohol and they will serve it to you any way they know how. The happy hour stretches from 12-6pm when all ‘mega’ cocktails are €4, and trust me they are all mega cocktails.

The menu is an incredible collection of traditional and down right made up cocktails; the collection of mojito’s on offer with spirits other than rum is alone astounding. Be warned that all the cocktails - €6.80 outside of happy hour, pack a punch; they are all served large in tumblers and wine glasses and some of the spirit combinations will make your head ache for a week. I can personally recommend anything that comes with a ‘cold chocolate milk’ mixer as truly delicious but rather deadly as you’ll never spot the alcohol in it until it’s too late. The Bloody Mary is also great and served with so many condiments that you can experiment openly with the taste.

If cocktails aren’t your thing check out their beer and spirit selections, Guinness, John Smith’s and Magners are available on tap at €3 in happy hour, and for some reason if you order a gin they will free pour it at your table and allow you to dictate the measure. They do also have a nice collection of alcohol free ‘mocktails’, soft drinks and hot drinks, the hot chocolate is wonderful and comes topped with a mountain of cream and a muffin.

A bar first and foremost, this spot is mainly about the drinks but does offer a selection of baguettes at lunchtime for the cheaper than anywhere else price of €2.80 but that is it in the way of food, unless you count the bottomless bowls of complimentary peanuts and the baskets of free sweets which are strategically placed around the venue for anyone who wants them. Also complimentary is the WiFi usually with a quirky or insulting password and also – unlike anywhere else in this tourist town – the toilets. Bony’s has an actual sign up offering free no-strings-attached toilet usage to any passer-by who needs it and that’s just plain friendly.

From the upside down clock over the bar to the ‘It’s five o’clock somewhere’ ethos this place is packed full of character and often packed full of patrons as a result. Live sport is shown here but if there’s nothing on this bar is a great spot for people watching and the seating is often lined up like benches facing the main square so that no one misses out on the view of the action.

Market day is on a Wednesday but most evenings provide some form of entertainment in that square especially through the summer months of fiesta season. If the terrace looks too full just catch a staff member’s eye and they are inevitably able to procure a table and extra chairs and squeeze you in somewhere. Outside is the only option as the small inside area seems to be used mainly for storage and if you take a wander to the toilets (complete with disco lights) you’ll have to weave through crates of soft drinks and peanuts to get there, all part of the charm.

Open until 2am this is a great spot for day time drinking, pre dinner cocktails or as a late night spot, the service is fast and friendly by English speaking staff and the atmosphere is wonderfully laid back. People who stop in for a drink tend to become somewhat enamoured by the place and end up returning night after night to work their way down the cocktail list and watch the world pass by. You have been warned, Bony’s is addictive! 


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