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Flyboarding in Mallorca

Flyboarding.. to infinity & beyond!!!!!!!

featured in Activity reviews Author Trine Bregstein, Mallorca Reporter Updated

“I have an idea for an activity I’d like you to check out” Ellie said and she pitched the activity to me; I was pretty amazed just listening to her description. That wasn’t a patch on how amazed and exhilarated I was after my session with Flyboard Mallorca.

From the first conversation I had with Tom Rempe (owner and manager) with his relaxed and personable attitude, I knew that I was going to enjoy myself. Upon arrival at the centre in Puerto Portals I was greeted warmly by his team Tina and Boris and we chatted until Tom arrived from his day trip to Puerto Pollensa. Tom had taken a set up to the north east of the island and spent the morning on board a super yacht, the beauty of the flyboard is that Tom can take a set up and go anywhere on the island so long as there is a ramp into the sea that he can launch from.

It was decided that I should be the first in the water so Tina gave me the safety helmet and life jacket and Boris helped me get strapped in to the flyboard, it’s not unlike putting a snowboard on so it didn’t feel too alien to me, the part when I was gently lowered into the sea did make me feel a bit odd though. The chill and fly sessions start the same way, someone gets kitted up and into the water while everyone else boards the launch boat, then the person on the flyboard, with the power at their feet, leads everyone out to sea and the fun really starts.

Once you are in position, the flyboard under you as though you’re standing in the water, straight with your core muscles tight you give the OK and you hear the engine of the jet ski picking up and then it happens, you start to rise up in the water and then you’re out of the water, flying and the feeling is incredible! By moving your feet and shifting your balance ever so slightly you can start to manoeuvre the flyboard and fly around the boat, showing off to your friends in the boat. Whilst you’re enjoying the flying your friends can sit back, listen to the tunes, help themselves to a drink from the cooler and eagerly anticipate their turn.

I got the flying part pretty quickly and felt very accomplished indeed when I managed to manoeuvre close enough to the boat to give Tom a high five as he stretched out his arm. I think I may have uttered the sentence “to infinity and beyond” as I rose up out of the water on several occasions! After my session I relaxed with a chilled drink whilst watching the others have a go. At the end of our session Tom towed us back to the launch ramp and showed us the most amazing aerial acrobatics, diving and surfacing like a dolphin, twisting and turning around the boat, his flying was so spectacular that every single person at the beach bar was hanging over the balcony taking photos, videos and cheering as we approached.

Tom and I chatted afterwards and he told me of his plans to expand the flyboard centre, the construction is underway and will be done very soon, decking on either side of the ramp, chairs where you can sit and watch as your flight time nears or afterwards you can relax with a drink and check out photos from the day on the laptop. Once this is all in place it will really complete the Flyboard Mallorca experience.

The chill and fly session I did costs €69 per person and if you want one of the team to come to you, or you fancy renting the equipment for longer for example two hours, half a day or a whole day you can expect to pay €490, €690 and €1111 respectively. That includes all the equipment, stocked fridge with drinks, certified instructor and fuel.

It is easy to see why Flyboard Mallorca is the number one ranking activity in Palma de Mallorca on Trip Advisor, the experience is amazing and what rounds off the awesome flyboarding is how genuinely friendly and welcoming the team are. Get yourselves down there for the experience of a lifetime!


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