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Pine Walk, Puerto Pollenca

The popular promenade Passeig Vora Mar along the coastline

The sheltered bay of Puerto Pollenca features the stunning back drop of the Tramuntana mountains which can be seen from all over the resort. The warm summer evenings are ideal for taking strolls along the pedestrianised promenades along the front which lead towards the famous Pine Walk where you'll also find the D’Albercuix beach running along side.

The Pine Walk in Puerto Pollenca offers a lovely scenic promenade along the waterfront and a quiet beach to relax in the sunshine during the day. The quiet and calm waves of Puerto Pollenca gently roll onto the soft sand beaches that stretch about one kilometer along the quietest part of the town. As the bay in Puerto Pollenca is sheltered from the large waves and winds, sea conditions in Puerto Pollenca are always calm and ideal for swimming, kayaking or hiring a pedalo.

Away from the cars and roads, the D’Albercuix beach by the Pine Walk is a quiet and scenic beach spot that is undoubtedly popular with many visitors to the resort of Puerto Pollenca. Ideal for building sandcastles and basking in the sun, the pine walk offers a beautiful setting to relax and get away from it all and is great for families with young children. Some of the beach here can be quite narrow and so generally you will only be sharing the beach with a few other families, unless you opt for the busier and larger beach area infront of the Hotel Bahia.

The D’Albercuix beach stretches the length of the Pine Walk promenade and the local Pollenca council are in charge of sunbed and parasol hire. For a single parasol for the day the cost is 3.50€, for a sunlounder it’s 4€ and two sunbeds and a shade costs 11€ a day or 6€ for half a day (ending at 3pm). Another fun and popular activity for the family is hiring a pedalo for an hour, this can be done at the beach at the very beginning of the Pine Walk near the Hotel Bahia. For an hour long pedalo session it costs 12€, lifejackets are provided for youngsters and there is a slide attached to each of the pedalos so making a splash is inevitable. There is a boat lane here for the pedalos, and a lifeguard is also on duty for most of the day during the peak season.

The largest and most busy part of the beach is at the beginning of the pine walk where most of the sunloungers for hire are set out. This stretches from the beginning of the pine walk up towards the restaurant Little Italy. After this the beach becomes much more narrow and there are fewer sunloungers set up. This therefore leaves plenty of free space to set up your own chairs and loungers.

Taking a stroll along the Puerto Pollenca Pine Walk is a great opportunity to have a look at some of the most impressive villas in Majorca. There are many holiday apartments along the Pine Walk and they offer some fantastic views across the bay. The main hotels along the Pine Walk are the Hotel Bahia and the Hotel Illa D’or, both of which have a terrace to sit out and have a drink or lunch to enjoy this lovely setting.

The Pine Walk is made up of large slabs and as time goes by each slab has been moved slightly by the underlying roots of the pine trees, this can therefore make it a rocky ride for youngsters in a pushchairs but otherwise it's a very pleasant walk.

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