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Playing the pitch & putt golf course near Palma

It’s all about the short game!

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You certainly don’t need a handicap to play the Arabella Golf Son Quint Pitch & Putt. This Par 3, 9-hole short course was designed by James Arnold and opened in 2009. Situated in the affluent area of Son Vida on the outskirts of Palma, it boasts exceptional landscape views of the surrounding hills scattered with lavish villas.

The flexible rules of etiquette, dress code and the speedier nature of this course appeal to amateur golfers looking to practice their new golf skills as well as more seasoned golfers who simply don’t fancy a full 18 holes whilst on holiday. So, on a sunny Friday afternoon, I hopped in a cab from the Paseo Marítimo in Palma and asked the driver to take me and a friend to the Son Quint Golf Course.

Playing the Pitch & Putt golf course near Palma

A quick 10 minutes and 10€ later, we drew into the car park outside the clubhouse. Through the main doors and on the right-hand side is where the shop resides and also the place to pay the green fee. Green fees are a mere 10€ per person on weekdays and 12€ per person on weekends including club hire. A bargain if you ask me! Although it’s worth noting you do need to bring a credit card as a safeguard against the clubs. Also, bring your own balls if you have some, otherwise you will be buying some new balls at the shop. It’s also free to use the lockers, but a 20€ cash deposit is required.

Playing the Pitch & Putt golf course near Palma

After this golf admin was sorted, we headed outside to the right-hand side of the shop to meet the caddy master and collect our clubs. Whilst waiting, we admired the beautiful putting green in front of us and watched on as people playing the full course got into their buggies for the afternoon. The caddy master then handed my friend a men’s set of clubs and myself a ladies set and the scorecard, before we made our way to the course. The first hole can be found a short stroll across the road and down through the tunnel under another road. It’s clear to see the course is well kept! In fact, it’s one of the best pitch and putt courses I have seen to date, which is impressive given the sizzling nature of Mallorca’s climate.

Playing the Pitch & Putt golf course near Palma

I don’t want to give too much away but here’s a brief overview of what to expect. The first hole can give you a false sense of security as it’s probably the easiest hole. In fact, the first three holes are more like a warm up with just the odd bunker that could pose a threat. However, the 4th hole is guaranteed to provide some entertainment because the wall can be a challenge. Some words of advice, keep left if you can! The 5th hole seems like a breeze after the 4th. But watch out for the trees on the 6th hole, they provide enough of a reason to keep on the fairway. The 7th hole tests your ability to get the ball up in the air due to the bushes in front of the tee box, then a wall to try and avoid, testing for the more amateur golfer but you will be surprised at what you can do. 8th hole is one to reboot your confidence before testing your ability to take longer shots on the 9th hole.

Playing the Pitch & Putt golf course near Palma

On the way round there’s some beautiful scenery to soak up and, because the course doesn’t get too busy during the week, we could take our time to enjoy the round without the pressure of people being on our tail. Now, unfortunately, I was playing with someone who is a keen golfer and plays every week but managed to hold my own! It’s definitely not as painful as playing an 18-hole course with an expert, you don’t need to take yourselves too seriously.

Playing the Pitch & Putt golf course near Palma

It took around 1.5 hours to get around the 638-metre course and we didn’t come across any backlog of people playing. Once back at the clubhouse, we indulged in a beer on the terrace to quench our thirst. There’s also a highly regarded restaurant here for those who want to make a day of it. This course is open year round and is definitely worth a trip if you are looking to practice your game whilst holidaying on the island.

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