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Soller Botanical Garden, Soller

Features indigenous Mallorcan plants & medicinal flora

Sóller is a botanist’s and enthusiast’s paradise. The Botanical garden is found in a country estate known as “Camp d’En Prohom”, on the outskirts of Sóller. Its primary purpose is to preserve rare or endangered species of the Balearics, and is the result of many years of study and hard work, and now hosts one of Spain’s most extensive wild flora seed banks.

The Botanical Garden of Sóller combines traditional and popular architecture with botany, as it is structured on terraces that group the plants in the garden according to their ecological needs or use.

There are different kinds of plants found in the Botanical Garden of Sóller such as flora of the Balearic Islands; flora of other Mediterranean Isles, specially from Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta  and Crete. There are also species from the Canary Islands, an ecological farm / orchard (with the aim of studying and preserving all horticultural varieties of traditional vegetables and fruit trees), plants for medicinal and aromatic purposes - with plants that have been used traditionally to heal and/or season, and ornamental plants.

They also preserve frozen seeds of those species under greater threat. In 1997 the foundation “Fundació Jardí Botànic de Sóller” was formed. Its headquarters are in an old building built in 1906 located within the same country estate. Used as a  Botanical Institute, it is a centre of study and research, where the laboratories, library, seed bank and herbarium are kept.

The Museum of Natural Sciences is located in the gardens.

Visitor comments

  • "Beautiful gardens, really lovely landscape and wonderful to see the colours of nature, mountains, orchards, ricks, trees and flora and fauna" - Trip Advisor
  • "A beautifully laid-out garden that is full of surprises and which shows off the unexpected delights of the Balearic flora. Rocky areas that recreate the natural habitat of the plants on display are cleverly interspersed with tranquil shady areas.The garden is dedicated to the conservation of the local flora, particularly endemic plants whose survival in the wild is now threatened. Delightful relaxing atmosphere and a visual treat. Excellent leaflet in English with clear map. Just a short walk from the main square in Soller -- not to be missed!" - Trip Advisor
  • "We visited in September after a very dry summer, but there were still a lot of plants to see, some beautiful ponds with lilies, a thoughtful piece tribute and some ideas to take home. The museum is housed in an interesting building and if you like natural life it will be of interest. We spent two hours there, and it could have been longer" - Trip Advisor 

When to come

The gardens are open:

  • November, January and February, from 10:00 to 14:00 (Thursday to Saturday)
  • March to October, from 10:00 to 18:00 (Monday to Saturday)
  • Closed on Sunday, holidays and December.

How to get passes

Admission cost 8€ (6€ for groups of more than 12 persons). Free for children under 6 years old.


  • Carretera Palma – Port de Sóller km. 30.5
  • 07100
Map of the surrounding area