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Barretes Restaurant, Soller

Mediterranean restaurant and rural retreat
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The region where Ca's Xorc Luxury Retreat is situated is home to an abundance of delicious fresh and local food such as a selection of fruit & vegetables, fish, red shrimp, lamb and Iberico pork. The chef at Ca's Xorc interprets this local, Mediterranean cuisine in a modern and creative manner. 

The restaurant offers fresh and simple Mediterranean-inspired cuisine using vegetables, herbs, seasonal fruits, cereals and homemade olive oil. All produce is local, fresh, natural and organic. What's more, most of the meat and dairy in the dishes come from the hotel farm.

The kitchen team place a great importance on sustainability. They intentionally choose dishes with less meat and dairy when preparing the menu in an effort to help the environment. In most dishes, vegetables are the main ingredient and any animal products are merely a "seasoning" in the form of juices, broths, dairy and fats. 

They also offer a twist on international cuisine with different fusion meals, yet never forget the foundation of their Mediterranean cuisine.

Lunch and dinner are served every day from 13:00 - 16:00 and 19:00 - 22:30, except Mondays. 

Barretes restaurant is part of Hotel Ca's Xorc, a luxury hotel and retreat.

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Visitor comments

  • "Fine dining in an absolutely stunning setting. We return to Ca's Xorc each time we visit Soller and it never disappoints. The food is excellent - this is a fine dining experience, and the short menu is cleverly put together. Service is good and the setting is just lovely. The perfect combination." - Trip Advisor
  • "We have visited the restaurant several times over the years and have never been disappointed with a meal. The taster menu gives you the option to try lots of smaller dishes that perhaps you wouldn't normally. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and sat on the terrace for dinner is so peaceful looking out over the views towards Port Soller. Booking is recommended as there are not too many tables and so not crammed in. We will be visiting again." - Trip Advisor
  • "With the possible exception of the fact that the one km drive off the main road up to the hotel is suspension breaking stuff (so maybe get a cab), this restaurant is just exceptional in every way. The ambience is perfect for those balmy summer nights overlooking the Mallorcan town of Soller and the port in the distance. The food is varied and very high quality and the service is good enough that it does not detract from the overall feel when the bill comes, and the bill does come in spades. Expect around 200 euros for three incl a glass of wine each. Worth it!" - Trip Advisor
  • "The staff are friendly and attentive and the food was delicious. I had the lobster gratin to start and if I could I would have licked the scallop shell it was served in!!!! I then shared one of the specials of the day with my daughter, a chicken for 2 people. The chicken had been slowly cooked for 5 hours then finished in the oven, and what came out was a delicious small chicken with flavours of orange and succulent flesh. Yum!! My husband and son shared another special of the day for two, the Cote de Boeuf. They were very happy. I was very impressed with the service in regard to the wine, and other restaurants should take note of how to handle this situation! We ordered a very good bottle of white wine, which my husband tasted." He was a bit iffy about it, so asked my to try it and see what I thought. It was just not right, but not corked exactly. Anyway, without so much as a blink, the bottle was put aside and another produced, which was perfect. No fuss, no bother, but service as it should be. Well Done! I will definitely be back. - Trip Advisor


  • Carretera de Deia, km 56.1
  • 07100


Soller, Mallorca

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