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Bodyna Spa Visit at the Hospes Maricel, Cala Major

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Just 10 minutes west of Palma in the gentile resort of Cala Major, lies one of Mallorca's five star luxury hotels, The Hospes Maricel. It is housed in a majestic 16th century stately home and has a prime position on the sea front, with incredible views of the Bay of Palma. Hospes hotels are renowned for creating spaces where their guests can receive full physical and mental revitalization, and so as you may expect, their spas are the epitome of this message.

Located in a brand new annexe to the hotel, the Bodyna Natural Care Spa is a place where the emphasis is on ‘harmonising body & soul', and ‘awakening the senses'. The building has been carefully planned to create specific spaces for relaxation and treatments, with a whole floor dedicated to a ‘wet' area with a classy indoor/outdoor heated pool, sauna, steam room & Jacuzzi. A fitness room and hairdresser complete the services on offer.  With beautiful stone walling and cute gardens & terraces surrounding the spa, there is an elegant tranquillity to the place.

As I was shown around the spa, I could feel myself de-stressing. The neutral decor showcases the wonderful natural materials - stone, wood and slate - that are used liberally throughout the spa. On returning to the reception area, I had a quick chat with my therapist and Spa Manager, Catherine Callan, and we agreed that the Riche de Jeunesse facial would suit my needs for this afternoon. My face had inexplicably broken out in spots and greasiness over the past couple of weeks, and I was keen to regain a healthier and smoother skin.

I was shown to the changing rooms (dark, moody and spotless) where I changed into a gown and slippers, leaving my personal belongings in a locker. We took the lift to the top floor where the treatment rooms were situated, and I was shown to the relaxation room, where three relaxing beds were positioned to allow views of the main hotel building and the sea beyond. Each bed is equipped with a relaxing vibration massage setting which I utilised as Catherine went to prepare the room. I flicked idly through a brochure as the vibrations soothed away muscle tensions.

Catherine returned to take me through to a simple treatment room, where I chose from a colour chart. My choice of colour (green, symbolising a need to energise and assert myself) led to the use of fragrant rose and ginger aromas during my facial. We discussed the steps of the facial, and I was given the option of whether to have extractions performed. I was instructed to lie under the towel whilst Catherine fetched the natural perfum, and I was delighted to find that the mattress was in fact a warm water bed. Not a big deep one, just a couple of inches thick - enough to support you but not to swallow you. It was very comfortable and removed the need for any extra cushioning under the knees.

Starting (and finishing) with a Tibetan bell, the facial continued with the holistic theme, and I was given a hand and arm massage whilst my face mask was doing its thing. It was all incredibly relaxing and I could easily have drifted off to sleep. Once Catherine had finished the 50 minute treatment, she explained that my skin had probably reacted to being dehydrated and had over-produced oils, resulting in spotty greasy skin. She told me that she had rebalanced my skin with a mask and that she thought my skin would now return to normal as long as I didn't aggravate it by touching it too often. I was advised not to use the steam room or sauna as the water may undo all the good work of the facial. I made a mental note to use these facilities before my treatment next time!

I did however make use of the Jacuzzi - a good temperature, clean and bubbly - before heading back to the changing room. They had a swimsuit water extractor which was amazing - all the excess water gone in less than 10 seconds. I loved it.

I thought Catherine did an excellent job with my facial. Her skill and advice were spot on, and within three days, my skin really was back to normal. It's good to know that a facial is able to make such a difference, should I experience such an outbreak in the future.

Bodyna Spa is open from 8am to 9pm every day in the summer and reduced slightly in the winter months and welcomes members of the public in addition to the hotel guests. A range of massages, body & facial treatments, waxing and a hairdressing salon are offered. Rejuvenating packages are available for those who are feeling particularly run down, and these can be booked along with hotel packages. Anyone with sleep problems will be delighted to know that a four to seven day ‘learn to sleep' programme can be arranged for you, incorporating a medical review, a sleep study and recommended activities to improve the quality of your night's sleep.

To celebrate the opening of their new building, the spa is offering membership of Club Bodyna Natural Care Maricel for only €79 (for the first 20 people to sign up). For this, you get to use all the spa facilities, receive a 20 minute free treatment every month and gain discounts on products, treatments and hotel rooms & restaurants. Better hurry!




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