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Hike from Son Baulo to Son Serra de Marina

An easy walk along the north coast with great views

featured in Activity reviews Author Anita Gait, Mallorca Reporter Updated

A beautiful 6km coastal hike from Can Picafort to Son Serra de Marina taking in stunning sea views, archaeological sites, deserted beaches, ecological areas and the occasional nudist.

If you choose to start in Son Baulo then you access this trail by walking to the far end of beach and then up into the dunes where you will find the trail is signposted. A 1hr and 30minute hike, this level trail is not a difficult one although walking through soft sand rather than on firm ground makes it slightly harder.

The first spot of interest along the way are the archaeological sites of the Necropolis de Son Real and Illot dels Porros, Talayotic funeral sites which are easily spotted from the trail and have information boards to explain what you are looking at. Shortly after them you’ll spot the old Spanish ‘sighting’ or watch towers strategically placed along the coast.

If you want to venture off the trial you can follow the sign posts into the free Finca de Publica de Son Real, an operational farmhouse and historical site, with information stations about indigenous plants and wildlife and also rural life in Mallorca. The finca has several trails some of which take up to an hour to walk so will add considerable time to your hike.

Once past these man-made points of interest the hike becomes much more of an exercise in observing nature. The signposted path meanders through the dunes and scrub-land bordering the coast but the trail is wide and the destination clear, so the option of where you chose to explore is up to you. The sand is interspersed with tough thistles and coarse grasses, the dunes are home to Spanish juniper and pine trees and the air is thick with bright yellow butterflies and the songs of crickets. The arid, desert atmosphere prevalent in the heat of summer is tempered only by the sight of the deep blue ocean beckoning invitingly alongside the trail.

The coastline is beautiful and you’ll give your camera a work out trying to pick the best spot the capture a view. It’s rocky in places and pebbly in others but there are occasional little cove spots of soft white sand perfect for a picnic stop along the way. Due to the inaccessible nature of these little beaches they are quite often deserted even in peak summer and make a stunning contrast to the crowded strips of Son Baulo and Ca’n Picafort. Do be warned through that the occasional people who have opted to hike for some privacy are more often than not nudists and you’ll want to be careful where you’re pointing your camera.

The trail ends in Son Serra de Marina right by the little marina and there is a café/restaurant there serving cold drinks and ice creams to the weary walker. If you’re starting from the Marina this is where you’ll find the information board and first signposts for the trail. Cyclists are welcome on the trail although be aware that the terrain is flat but rugged, rocks, scrub and soft sand rather than a covered path.

If 6km is not enough for you, you can extend this hike by continuing along the coast to Colonia de Sant Pere adding a further 90 minutes or by starting further north. You can if you wish walk the 12km length of the coast from Port D’Alcudia before reaching Son Baulo and continuing from there. If 6 kms is quite enough then you can walk one way and get the bus back the other. The 390 bus runs between the marina, Son Baulo and Ca’n Picafort, it only runs four times a day however so be sure to check the times before counting on it to get you home.

  • Difficulty – Beginner
  • Length – 6km
  • Time – 1hr30mins
  • Incline – 3m


Map of the surrounding area