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Sa Pobla

Traditional rural town in the north of Majorca

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Sa Pobla, 4km north of Muro, is Mallorca's vegetable basket. This fertile area of marshes reclaimed as farmland is referred to as 'the land of a thousand windmills', and there is a decent autumn fair that showcases their local agricultural produce in November. Some of these wetlands have been protected as part of s'Albufera Natural Park.

It is also the home of one of Majorca's most unusual festivals, the Revelta de Sant Antoni. For two days each January pets are led through the town to be blessed outside the church, dancers drive out the devil for the coming year, and everyone eats pastries filled with spicy spinach and marsh eels.

The arts are well represented here, with a contemporary art gallery Can Planes and a jazz festival that takes place every August. Sa Pobla also hosts a decent autumn fair.


Map of the surrounding area