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Almond blossoms, Spring arrives in Mallorca

Almond trees are in full bloom throughout February

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Did you know that Mallorca’s almonds are some of the best in the world? You didn’t? Oh well, you do now! 

More than four million almond trees can be found across Mallorca. The island’s countryside and the inland microclimate create the perfect conditions for almond blossom to flourish. From late January and throughout February, the island completely transforms when the trees burst into blossom. The white, pink and cerulean colours of the almond blossom create something that could be described as a scene from a fairy tale. So much so, that Mallorca’s almond blossom has received international interest in recent years, with people (including photographers and painters) travelling from far and wide to see this annual natural spectacle taking place in the Balearic island’s countryside.

There are almond trees all over the island but head to the central and eastern regions of Mallorca for some of the best sights. The biggest concentrations are around the rural towns and villages of Bunyola, Lloseta, Marratxí, Sant Llorenç, Santa Maria, Selva and Sencelles.

See Mallorca's famous almond blossoms

What to do in Mallorca during the almond blossom

The best way to soak up the jaw-dropping scenery is to embark on a hike or cycle ride through the inland plains of Mallorca’s countryside. Fortunately, the winter in Mallorca provides the right climate for hikers and cyclists keen to explore the islands diverse terrain. There’s an abundance of routes available, whether it’s the mountains or easier flat routes, you will find something to suit your individual needs.

There are so many different routes to choose from but, for hikers, the famous three-hour walk from the pretty village of Es Capdellá through the publically held Galatzó Estate is a favourite. The trail presents some magnificent views of the conical Puig Galatzó. Another popular route during the winter time is the one from Alaró to a mountain top restaurant famous for its lamb – quite fitting that it’s called Es Verger. But it’s not all incline as this four-hour treck takes you through some of Mallorca’s diverse landscapes including almond and olive groves.=

One of the best ways to make sure you get to see the very best of the almond blossom in Mallorca is to place yourself in the hands of a knowledgeable tour guide. Mallorca Hiking offers guided tours of some of the prettiest scenery there is while the almond trees are in blossom.

See Mallorca's famous almond blossoms in 2019

Cyclists can base themselves anywhere inland and explore the quiet lanes of Mallorca’s countryside. Keep in mind, the western side of Mallorca is dominated by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, and the north by the Serra de Llevant mountain range, whilst the rest of the island is predominantly flat.

If you don’t want to expel too much energy and don’t have a car, then the vintage train ride between Palma and Sóller is one of the best ways to explore Mallorca’s stunning countryside at this time of year. Here you can kick back and relax whilst soaking up the picturesque scenery from the comfort of your carriage. There are some magnificent moments, so don’t look away! It’s also special because the unadulterated backdrop is timeless, you feel like you could have been transported back in time a hundred years.

See Mallorca's famous almond blossoms in 2019

Sample the local produce

You must try the famous and traditional 'gató d’ametlles' or ‘gató de almendra’, a moist flour-free cake usually eaten with ice cream made from almonds. It features in most bakeries and cafes around the island, as well as in restaurants, at this time of year, so it’s a piece of cake to find it.

Almond Fair (Fira de la Flor d'Ametler) Review, Son Servera


If you are an almond fanatic, the Fira de la Flor d’Ametler takes place each year in early February and is the biggest almond fair on the island. The northeasterly 18th-century town of Son Servera hosts the fair where you will spy a wide range of almond-orientated products. You might have missed this year’s event but flights are cheap in the winter so there’s no excuse not to return for next year. 

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Mallorca is a wonderful destination for a winter or spring break with its balmy weather, discounted hotels and gorgeous almond blossoms. Book your trip now!