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"August" The Pop Up Shop Dedicated to Summer, Palma de Mallorca

Original designer clothes, shoes, cosmetics & accessories

featured in Activity reviews Author Emily Benet, Mallorca Reporter Updated

Bored of the same old shops? Looking for a more rewarding experience away from the high street? For the discerning shoppers amongst you, I recommend a visit to "August", the latest creation of the innovative agency better pop ups. 

Located in the heart of Palma, the pop up shop dedicates 600 metres squared to emerging Spanish designers, and offers a mouthwatering array of original design, in clothes, shoes, cosmetics and accessories.

"August" feels very much like its name. It's an ode to summer. You feel it as soon as you walk past the dried palm leaves at the entrance and into the courtyard where there's a stall laden with straw hats, vintage champagne glasses and a basket of lemons and limes. The fruit will come in handy from 19:00 to 22:00 when I'm told they serve Seagram's gin. Unfortunately I arrive too early, so I head on inside into an inviting space of wooden floorboards, white walls and relaxing light.

The shop comprises of several different rooms and each one feels like an exciting discovery. Everything looks like it has been carefully selected. That's because it has. There are wedged espadrilles from Oli&Dom, stylish bags from Bakari, natural cosmetics by Olivia, jewellry by Helen Rohner, organic cotton t-shirts and towel jumpers from surf band Mimmeko and quirky fish bags from Don Fisher. You'll also find artwork for children from Plom Galleries, design publications with limited distribution and school diagrams and maps from the 50s and 60s.

Many of the designers have an artisan background and their designs an interesting back story. The summery hats from Alegria Industries come with a label which tells you where they found the shirt they used to make the band for each hat. Pretentious? I like to think of it as fashion with a soul!

The best bit is, the prices are very reasonable. There are items costing from 10€ to 1100€, the latter for an incredibly soft cashmere coat by Bel Cashmere - well, I guess summer will have to end eventually. Until then, I'm very tempted to pick up a pot of 'The Ancient Egyptian Magic' for my sun-scorched skin. It's a luxurious hydrating cream of olive oil and beeswax, which I'm informed could effectively moisturise an elephant!

"August" will be open until 15th September from noon to 22.00 from Monday to Saturday.

Carrer de L'Estanc, 8, Palma de Mallorca 


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