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Muro, Mallorca

Traditional rural town in the north of Majorca
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This small town between Inca and the S'Albufera marshes is a sleepy little place, a typical rural Mallorcan town.

Muro is the administrative centre for it's more famous beach resort of Playa de Muro. This is typical of Mallorcan beach resorts, where the resort consists of hotels and tourist services, but is actually run by an inland town of a similar name.

Sights & Attractions in Muro

Muro has one overriding attraction - the Museu Etnologic de Mallorca. This museum, housed in a former mansion, gives fascinating glimpses into Mallorca's past. The kitchen contains pottery similar to what you see in the markets today, the recreated pharmacy has a pair of scales in the shape of a crucifix.

Upstairs there is a fine Collection of siurells (clay whistles) featuring men on horseback, carrying water and playing guitars. A courtyard with a well, a waterwheel and orange trees leads to more exhibits blacksmith's and cobbler's workshops, a collection of carriages, and tools once used by siversmiths, sculptors and spoonmakers.

The Catalan-Gothic church of Sant Joan Baptista looks almost Arabic, guarded by palm trees and a tall, square bell-tower linked to the main church by a tiny bridge. Rebuilt in the 16th century, it has a colourful rose window over the west door. Another church, the convent of Santa Anna, used to stage fights between bulls and bulldogs, and bullfights can still be seen at the Placa de Toros, built out of white stone in its own quarny in 1910.

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Events in Muro

Muro has a weekly market on Sunday mornings. There is also a Christmas market in December.

There are plenty of festivities around Easter.

The festivities of San Juan take place in June. They last for two weeks and finish with a bang on the 24th June, normally with a big fireworks display.

The other big festival is the Autumn Fair, which celebrates the pumpkin, in particular, giant pumpkins. It is held at the beginning of November.

During the summer, many more festivities are held at Playa de Muro, the closest beach to Muro.

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