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Wakeboarding & Waterskiing Review in Mallorca

Behind a boat or on a cable there's plenty of watersports fun in Mallorca

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In almost every harbour in Mallorca there are waterski and wakeboard boats and from the beach in Palmanova and Magaluf you can often see people out on the water enjoying themselves.

If you have ever felt a pang of jealousy watching these people and wanted to join them as the cut back and forth across the wake, or if you are a fan of watersports and want to get involved when you are on holiday in Mallorca then read on.

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are great fun and really rewarding, the good news is that they are also really quite easy to learn too. I used to work at a waterski in centre and most beginners would be up on a rope skiing by the end of their first fifteen minute lesson. Here in Mallorca you have the added bonus of being able to ski and board in warm water without a wetsuit, something we couldn't always do on the loch back in Scotland.

If you want to try wakeboarding or waterskiing in the Palma area then you can go out on the water with El Spot wakeboard school. They are based down in Palmanova harbour and offer lessons for beginners and coaching for more advanced riders.

The best time to ride is in the morning before the wind picks up and makes the water rough and choppy and in the evening when it calms down again. The school opens early each morning with the first tow available just as the sun comes up and closes as it begins to set.

For day-long calm water the best bet is to visit the cable ski park in Port d'Alcudia. The cable is similar to a drag lift used by snow skiiers in the winter and it pulls waterskiiers and wakeboarders along in a straight line. This is the easiest way to learn as the pull from the cable is slow and gentle and comes from above effectively lifting the rider out of the water.

As the cable runs on overhead pylons there is no wake in the water but more advanced riders can use the kickers and sliders that run down the side of the lake.

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are great fun and either behind a boat or on the man made lake they make a great activity that almost everyone can enjoy. So you need no longer look on from the beach with envy, just call up the school nearest you and book a session.

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