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Felanitx, Mallorca

Traditional rural town in the south east of Majorca

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Felanitx is a small town in the southeast corner of Mallorca. It lies inland from its closest seaport of Porto Colom and is the administrative centre for the area.

Felanitx is the main town of Mallorca's second wine-producing area, Pla & Llevant, which produces a variety of white whites and fresh red wines. It is set in lovely countryside - close by you have the Sanctuary Sant Salvador and Castle Santuari, both of which are perched on top of hills and have wonderful views of both Mallorca and the sea. The town is also known for its capers or 'green pearls'. You can buy them at the Sunday morning market, which spills out onto the streets around the church of Sant Miquel, with local pottery displayed on the church steps.

History & Culture in Felanitx

The name Felanitx comes from the Latin fenalicius, which translates to 'where much hay is produced'. There is evidence of settlers from the Bronze Age and the Roman period. When the Muslims ruled Mallorca ferom 902 to 1229, Felanitx had a mosque and the site of Santuari Castle was a fortress.

During the 19th century, the vineyards of Felanitx helped place it on the map and it became Mallorca's third city after Palma and Alcudia. Once the vine disease phylloxera wiped out the vineyards, the local population relied on other agriculture for survival until the advent of tourism in the late 20th century.

Sights & Attractions in Felanitx

Santuari Castle was first documented in 1228 and sits on a hill (408m) overlooking the town and the sea. The monastery of Sant Salvador has existed since 1348, with the current structure being built in 1707-34. It has amazing views over Mallorca and you can stay there in simple accommodation.

Sant Miquel church (from the 16th century) dominates the town centre. The church facade contains a memorial to 414 people who died when a wall collapsed in 1844. Further up, beneath the rose window, you can see the archangel Michael standing on the Devil's head.

The other main attraction in the area are the vineyards. Many are open to the public but book in advance if you would like a tasting or a tour.

Beaches in Felanitx

The nearest beach is at Porto Colom and the surrounding coastline.

Events in Felanitx

Felanitx holds a weekly market on Sunday mornings. There is also a covered market Sa Placa which sells food and flowers and is open Tuesday to Sunday throughout the year. There are annual fairs held in Felanitx during May (May Fair), August (summer festival Sant Augustin), September and October (Harvest festivals).

Things to do in Felanitx

The golf course Vall d'Or has 18 holes and is situated on the road to Portocolom. There are many hiking trails in the area, and cyclists can enjoy countryside lanes, coastal routes and more hilly challenges. There is a yacht club in Portocolom and here you can engage in sailing, diving and sea fishing.

Hotels in Felanitx

There are some charming finca hotels in the area that offer quiet and comfortable accommodation for those looking for a peaceful vacation.


Map of the surrounding area