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Cala d'Or Beach, Cala d'Or

A family of five beaches dotted along the popular east coast resort.

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Spread over a continuous stretch of Mallorca’s southeast coastline, the beach resort of Cala d'Or is made up of several inlets and a group of beaches that can be found in smaller coves, more commonly known as ‘calas’.

All the beaches of Cala d’Or’s are beautiful and well worth a visit, but remember they are small and the area is popular, making it busy very often in the peak summer months.

Cala Serena Beach
Cala Serena is the most northern beach area within the bay of Cala d'Or. This small sandy bay is enclosed by rocky edges which help to keep the waves at bay. It’s undeveloped, raw and rocky landscape mean that there are no bars, restaurants, shops or even life lifeguards here, nonetheless it’s a beautiful spot to visit and much prettier than neighbouring bay – Cala Ferrera. You’ll often spot schools of divers picking up and dropping off between excursions and makes for a wonderful place to relax between dives.

Cala Ferrera Beach
300m south and you’ll find Cala Ferrera, a bigger and deeper cove than neighbouring Cala Serena, and offers hotels and restaurants beside the beach. Here you’ll find plenty of amenities, including parasols, pedalos, sun beds and a beach bar, as well as lifeguards and even a masseuse. The water is a beautiful turquoise colour and well protected from the surrounding rocks which make it great for snorkelling.

Cala Esmeralda Beach
Next along is Cala Esmeralda, which is surrounded by cliffs, giving it a secluded and intimate atmosphere, it has an assortment of apartments and hotels, many of which overlook the pretty beach. The beach itself is small at only 25 square metres, whilst it’s a lovely place to enjoy the sunshine, it can become quite busy. Again, this beach enjoys beautiful blue-green water and is sheltered from winds within the long, thin cove, helping to keep the water calm and clear. You'll find showers and toilets here, along with a bar and restaurant, but no lifeguards on duty.

Cala Gran Beach
The largest, deepest and most easily accessible of Cala d’Or’s beaches is Cala Gran. It measures 40 metres long and around 100 metres deep. The white, fine and soft sand perfectly contrasts with the clear blue sea. Similar to Cala Ferrera, the surrounding area has been built up and developed, resulting in a variety of bars and restaurants at the sand’s edge. Catering well to families wanting to spend an entire day at the seaside, sun beds and parasols are available to rent and there’s a great play area for children situated at the back of the beach. Showers and toilets are available and there is a ramp for the disabled. The beach is busy but maintains a good standard of cleanliness as well as having a lifeguard on duty in the Summer months.

Cala d'Or Beach
Last but not least, the most southern beach, Cala d'Or is the last of the bays in the resort and closest beach to swanky ‘Marina Cala d’Or’. Located at the head of a narrow inlet within a small bay, here you won’t be able to view the open sea directly from the beach. At 40 metres long and 100 metres deep, you may end up with a short walk for a paddle but here again, the sand is soft, fine and golden making it perfect for a day’s lounging on the shore. The cove’s inland location means the water here is greatly sheltered, retaining consistently calm and clear water perfect for small children. Surrounded by hotels and apartments, the surrounding pine trees do a wonderful job of making it feel less built up than it actually is. The beach is equipped with parasols and sun beds as well as showers and toilets, with a bar at the back of the bay.

Also try exploring a little further up or down the coast, such as Cala d'en Borgit or Cala Varques where you’ll be rewarded with quieter and rustic bays.

This popular resort offers a wide range of restaurants catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re after Spanish cuisine, international flavours or a casual beachside dining experience, Cala d’Or offers plenty of options.

The surrounding resort of Cala d’Or offers a seasonal and vibrant nightlife scene with a variety of options for live music, entertainment and social activity. Expect a selection of karaoke bars, Irish pubs and a few late night discotheques.

There’s a wide range of hotels to suit different budgets and preferences throughout the resort with several being beachfront, family-friendly establishments.

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Setting & Location

60km from Palma and easily accessible from neighbouring town, Santanyi, the picturesque and coastal town of Cala d’Or is located on the east coast of Mallorca in the municipality of Santanyi. It is known for its rugged coastline, crystal clear waters and charming coves. Lacking in high-rise buildings, its narrow streets are lined with low-rise whitewashed buildings with a mix of traditional and modern architecture, the relaxed atmosphere perfectly emits a true Mediterranean feel. The pedestrianised streets are lined with shops, cafes, restaurants and bars creating a lively and welcoming ambiance making it one of Mallorca’s most loved holiday resorts. Unsurprisingly, the beaches sadly aren’t always big enough to accommodate everyone.

Water Safety & Clarity

Regularly monitored and known for exceptional clarity and cleanliness, the areas coves all boast beautiful turquoise waters that are typically always clear and inviting. The inlets and rocky surrounded help maintain exceptionally calm seas with rare currents or jelly fish.

Beach Quality

Cala d’Or is known for its beautiful beaches, each with unique and distinctive qualities, the only downside being that they are often fairly busy.

Watersports Nearby

All of Cala d’Or’s delightful coves are perfect for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling. Some beaches offer pedalos and banana boats, as well as centres for kayaking, diving, stand up paddle boarding and more. Renowned for being the largest on the east coast, the local marina is a real focal point of activity, with available yachts to charter and boat trips exploring the nearby coastline and neighbouring coves.


Cala d’Or is easily accessed by car from Palma heading east on the Ma-19 and leading on to the Ma-5120 for 30km which leads you to Santayi. Cala d’Or is then well signposted just 9km further with ample parking on arrival in all beach areas. Buses run from Palma regularly, taking around 1.5 – 2 hours.


Map of the surrounding area