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Cala Mondrago Beach, South-East Mallorca

Scenic and unspoilt beach in southeast Mallorca’s Mondrago National Park

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Considered one of Mallorca's most beautiful areas with its sand dunes, pine forests, beautiful coastline and rocky coves, Cala Mondrago, (often referred to as ‘Caló de n’Alis’) has formed part of Mondrago National Park since 1992, greatly benefitting from the disallowing of any further development.

Here, you’ll find sun loungers and parasols to rent, lifeguards are on duty during peak season and the beach offers facilities such as toilets, showers, disabled access and a free car park.

Despite its seclusion, this beach is often still very popular during the summer months. If you’re arriving late morning, and find there's too many people already, you can always try the larger bay of S'Aramador beach, a 400m walk east along the scenic coastline. Alternatively wait until the evening to enjoy the best this beach has to offer.

There are a couple of hotels within easy reach of Cala Mondrago, alternatively the closest resort is Cala d'Or, which offers a whole host of options mainly designed for families, or if you'd like to stay somewhere more traditional in Mallorca, try the inland village of Santanyi.

A handful of bars and restaurants serving up traditional Mediterranean gastronomy offer daily refreshments on the beach. Alternatively, there is a good selection of restaurants in Cala d'Or serving Mediterranean cuisine, Spanish tapas and international food.

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Setting & Location

The secluded Cala Mondrago beach is located 8km south of Cala d’Or, on the south-eastern coast of Mallorca. The resort within Cala Mondrago is petite, with only a few hotels built before the surrounding area of Cala Mondrago was declared a Natural Park in 1992, ensuring its protection from any further commercial development. The larger bay of S'Aramador beach sits to the east, and the tiny pretty beach of Calo des Burgit resides on its west side.

The beach’s beautiful natural surroundings makes it one of the top spots within reach of Cala d'Or. At 75 metres in length and 60 metres deep, the bay is fairly small and can get very crowded during the holiday season.

Water Safety & Clarity

With a gentle slope descending into the beautiful light blue water, the shallow water depth is perfect for small children. There are ramps for the disabled and lifeguards are on duty during the summer months.

Beach Quality

With its soft and silky white sand, the bay is flanked by two rocky headlands on either side making it ideal for families. If you’re after a little more space for games or sports, neighbouring S'Aramador beach offers just that. At 75 metres in length and 60 metres deep, the bay is fairly small and can get very crowded during the holiday season.

Watersports Nearby

The conditions here are perfect for snorkelling thanks to its remarkable sea clarity, experiencing numerous daily visitors by boat from the neighbouring bays. Alongside their seasonal pedalos, kayaking and paddle boarding are also popular here.


Given there is minimal accommodation nearby, most visitors arrive for the day and will be travelling from nearby resorts. Free roadside parking is available close by and the 507 bus from Cala d'Or takes around 45 mins.


Map of the surrounding area