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Top vineyards to visit in Mallorca

Discover the island's wonderful wineries this summer
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With some of the most famous ‘Old Wine’ regions in the world as their neighbours, Mallorcan wine has a lot to live up to. It has actually been one of the island’s best-kept secrets... until now!

Between the 14th and 19th centuries, Mallorca was renowned for its good quality wine. But this golden age came to an end when the vines were attacked by a plague of Phylloxera in the 19th century. Luckily the story doesn’t end there. The 20th century saw a steady improvement of wine production but more recent investments in modern winemaking equipment have really transformed their offering. Mallorcan wines' unique characteristics are now celebrated and some have even won prestigious awards in recent years.

Whilst the 21st century has seen the island’s wine industry flourish, you won’t see it in your local supermarket or restaurant anytime soon because those naughty Mallorcans are keeping it all for themselves! With very few bottles exported, you will have to make a trip to Mallorca to come and see what all the fuss is about. So here are some of our top picks of vineyards to visit on the island this summer. Most of these are appointment only, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Bodegas Angel

the entrance to bodegas angel

Founded in 2006 by Mallorca-born Andrés, who spent a number of years in California where he found his passion for wine making, Bodegas Angel is located just outside the pretty little village of Santa María del Camí. The winery has been built in the traditional stone cladding of Mallorcan buildings and boasts an exceptional backdrop of the island’s Sierra Norte mountain range. Expect a detailed explanation into the grape varieties and the winemaking process here, so come with a clear mind to soak up all the information! It’s €16 per person for a guided tour of the vineyard and bodega, before sampling the goods alongside some typical Mallorcan snacks in a beautiful courtyard setting.

José L. Ferrer

Jose Ferrer Vineyard, Binissalem exterior

One of the most established vineyards on the island, José L. Ferrer, was founded in 1931 by 28-year-old José Luis Ferrer Ramonell. Located in the entrance of Binissalem, the bodega remains a family business being passed down the generations. Over the years they have introduced the latest winemaking methods from around the world which have helped produce some of the top wines on the island. Learn about the history of the vineyard and how their wines have evolved with a visit to the museum, or book a wine tasting and tour with packages starting at €15 per person.

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Bodegues Macià Batle

Top vineyards to visit in Mallorca 2018

Macià Batle vineyard, located near Santa María del Camí, has been well-versed in the art of making wine from 1856. Since adopting the latest wine making techniques in the 21st century, this bodega has been producing some of the finest wines, reinforced by the dozens of international awards they have received over the past 10 years. There is a strong synergy between wine and art with this brand, which is exhibited through the artistic labels on their wine bottles and the art on display at the gallery within the bodega. A wine tour and tasting here costs €10 per person and includes delicatessen.

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Bodega Ribas

Can Ribas Vineyard, Consell exterior

Bodega Ribas has been producing wine for more than 300 years, making it the oldest winery to exist on the island today. Being a part of the old Ca’n Ribas listed mansion dating back to the 18th century, its location boasts historic features like the original barrel cellar and winemaking warehouse. Pedro Ribas de Cabrera, the ancestor of the current owners, was the founder of the winery which gained international prestige over a century ago. Wine tastings start at €15 and include a guided tour of the winery, and they also offer wine and gastronomic packages.

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Ànima Negra

Anima Negra Vineyard, Felanitx interior

A young vineyard but certainly no less impressive, Ànima Negra was coined in 1994 by two self-taught Mallorcan friends, Pere Ignasi Obrador and Miquel Àngel Cerdà on the old country estate of Son Burguera, close to the town of Felanitx. Whilst, a relatively new vineyard, the wine is produced in a building dating back to the 13th century. The organic farming methods used at this vineyard have created elegant wines, receiving worldwide praise and earned the wines a loyal following. Please contact them to arrange tastings and tours.

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Es Fangar

Top vineyards to visit in Mallorca 2018

For a high-end wine tasting experience, visit Es Fangar in the east of the island. This family-owned estate dates back to the 14th century and covers approximately 1000 hectares, 600 of which are forests. The Swiss Eisenmann family have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of organic wines, producing them commercially since 2010. You can enjoy a guided tour through the beautiful estate discovering the vineyards, olive groves, gardens and the stud farm including a wine tastings. Although the tastings come with a hefty price tag, you can expect a first-class experience at Es Fangar. Please contact them to arrange tastings and tours.

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This is only a small selection of the vineyards open to the public in Mallorca. Take a look at our handpicked wineries on the island and enjoy its unique wines.

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