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Port de Soller to Sa Calobra Cycling Route

A stunning yet taxing cycling through the Mallorcan hills

With undulating roads and an altitude gain of almost 2000m this relatively short ride, at just 75km, will get your lungs and your legs pumping.

Taking in one of the most famous roads in Mallorca, the ride from Port de Soller to Sa Calobra takes you over Puig Major and the Coll dels Reis.

The engineer responsible for this road, Antonio Paretti, used the mountains natural curves and the gradient is surprisingly steady. However the last 2 kilometres are the hardest with two points where the road reaches 11.5%. 

Mountain passes - Port de Soller to Sa Calobra

Puig Major Tunnel 871 metres (from Soller)
Length: 14.5 Kilometres
Altitude Gain: 855 metres
Average Gradient: 5.9%

Coll de Cals Reis 723 metres (from Escorca)
Length: 2.6 Kilometres
Altitude Gain: 155 metres
Average Gradient: 6.0%

Mountain passes - Sa Calobra to Port de Soller

Coll de Cals Reis 723 metres (from Sa Calobra)
Length: 10 Kilometres
Altitude Gain: 711 metres
Average Gradient: 7.1%

Puig Major Tunnel 871 metres (from Gorg Blau)
Length: 4.8 Kilometres
Altitude Gain: 243 metres
Average Gradient: 5.1%

If you are doing this ride during the summer months, leave early, as the Sa Calobra road becomes very busy with buses and hire cars. Once in Sa Calobra, if you don't feel like cycling back, then you can take your bike back to the Puerto Soller on the boat. 

This route is courtesy of Tramuntana Tours, who are based in Soller.

What to see

Explore the Torrent de Pareis gorge, just 10 minutes walk from Sa Calobra. This give you the chance to stretch out those biking muscles before the return journey!

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Where to lunch

You have your choice of amazing lunch spots along this route - whether you choose to enjoy the magnificent views from the top of Puig Major or wait until you arrive a Sa Calobra so that you can take a lunch time dip in the won't be disappointed.

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Port de Soller, Mallorca

Map of the surrounding area