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Watersports To Do in Mallorca

Discover the top Mallorca watersports

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Mallorca is the perfect holiday destination for watersports thanks to its warm summers, island breezes and scenic coastline.

There are plenty of watersports centres offering equipment hire and lessons in activities like sailing, scuba diving, wakeboarding and kite surfing all around the island. Alternatively, thrill seekers can enjoy rides in speedboats, jet skis or banana boats.

Popular Watersport hotspots in Mallorca
Diving Try Scuba diving courses all around the coast of Mallorca; there should be one close to you wherever you are staying
Kite-surfing Try the wild and remote beach of Son Serra de Marina in the north east
Sailing Sailing lessons and boat hire are possible in most of the marinas in Mallorca
Snorkelling You can hire snorkelling equipment in most resorts, the best snorkelling tends to be on the south coast and on the east coast
Surfing Ride the waves at the Surf simulator in Magaluf
Wakeboarding There is a Wake-boarding centre in Alcudia
Windsurfing Practise Windsurfing in the Bays of Palma & Alcudia

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Family watersports resorts
Major family resorts like Port d'Alcúdia and Magaluf have plenty of watersports to keep the kids entertained. Banana boats, ringos, parasailing and flying mattresses are among a range of inflatable fun to be had on the sea. Pedalos, paddleboards and kayaks are available for hire at most of the bigger resorts, usually from the beaches. This includes popular spots like Puerto Portals, Port de Pollença, Cala Millor, Cala d'Or and Porto Cristo.

Watersports on day trips
It's often possible to borrow watersports gear from some of the boat trip or yacht charter companies on the island. The equipment may be included in part of your package but do remember to ask before taking your trip, so as not to miss out!

Canoeing / Kayaking

People of all ages and abilities can explore Mallorca’s beautiful coastline using a canoe or kayak. It's possible to rent these from the various watersports centres and beaches around the island and either go off for an hour or take a full day with certified guides to see some of Mallorca’s hidden treasures like its crystalline waters, cliffs, coves, caves and unspoilt bays.

There are many locations around the island with kayaks and canoes to rent, but the north and east coasts are top destinations with their unique coastline and pretty little beaches.

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Diving & Snorkelling

The whole family can enjoy snorkelling, a great way to begin your underwater adventures without travelling too far away from the comfort of the waters’ surface. Many of the tourist shops in the resorts sell any snorkelling gear you need or try a sports shop if you want to invest in some better quality gear. 

Scuba diving is also a fantastic way to explore what lies below. There are various diving centres on the island that can sort you out with equipment and take you on excursions to show you the best areas to explore.

For diving and snorkelling, try the east and the south coast of Mallorca.

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Flyboarding (jetpack or hoverboard) has become a 21st-century international sensation in the watersports world. Imagine oversized boots affixed to your feet which allow you to be propelled into the sky above the water. Whilst not all watersports companies have this impressive piece of equipment, you will find more and more companies are investing on it because this surreal experience is becoming beyond popular. Popular destinations for this activity include Port Calanova (next to the bay of Palma), Port de Pollença and Port d'Alcúdia.

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Jet ski rental can be found at most sailing centres in Mallorcan marinas, however, do check to see whether you need a license to ride alone as each jet ski centre has different rules, although quite often you don't need you can go out with a licensed guide. Jet skiing is available in places like Port Adriano and Port Calanova

Remember that you have to stay 250m away from beaches and 50m from cliffs, 100m from other jet skis and 50m from diving buoys. It is also a legal requirement to wear a life-jacket.

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Other surface watersports

There is an abundance of towed and motorised watersports operators in Mallorca. Donuts, flying carpets, banana boats, torpedos... no matter how you like being pulled behind a speedboat, Ibiza has all the latest in inflatable fun. You can also rent seabobs – a kind of handheld underwater jetski- to cruise underwater. You could also use a seabob with scuba gear if you don’t want to keep coming back up to the surface.

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Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a super-popular global sport these days, often described as a cross between surfing and kayaking. It's also a fun way to explore the immediate coastline. Whether going solo or with the whole family and friends, you will find paddle boards to hire on various beaches around the island, usually rented out by the hour. No previous experience is needed, just hop on the board and start paddling.

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Parasailing is a completely unique and incredible adventure. It’s also one of the top ways to enjoy Mallorca’s exhilarating coastline views as you experience flying 200 feet in the air whilst getting a real birds-eye view of what’s going on below. Children must be 6 years old to try parasailing.

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Sailing & yachting in Mallorca

There are plenty of sailing schools on the island that will accommodate all you budding sailors whatever your level. There’s even an opportunity to take things to the next level by completing your qualified boating or sailing licenses in Mallorca. Palma, Port Calanova, Port de Pollença, Port d’Andratx, Port d'Alcúdia and Santa Ponça have some of the best-known sailing schools on the island.

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Chartering Yachts in Mallorca

Waterskiing & Wakeboarding

There are various places around the island to participate in some wakeboarding and waterskiing. Equipment can be hired on the major beaches and harbours, including Cala Millor, Ca'n Picafort, Cala Formentor, Magaluf, Palma Nova, Peguera, Playa de Palma, and Port de Pollença.

Wakeboarders should head to Port d'Alcúdia's famous wakepark. It features a cableski with a slow and gentle pull for beginners as well as kickers and sliders for those who know what they're doing! 

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Windsurfing & Kiteboarding

There are various windsurfing and kiteboarding schools around the coastline, where it is possible to hire equipment and book tuition. The Bays of Palma and Alcúdia are the top destinations for their good, constant winds. Other beaches where windsurfing is available include Cala Millor, Cala d'Or, Ca'n Picafort, Cala Formentor, Magaluf, Palma Nova, Peguera, Playa de Palma, Port d'Alcúdia, Port de Pollença, Puerto Portals and Santa Ponça but do take care in the summer season when the beaches and sea are full of people.

Keen windsurfers and kitesurfers tend to gather in Son Serra de Marina, on the northeast coast, five miles east of Can Picafort. This is a beautiful unspoilt beach with sand dunes, surf and a glorious mountain backdrop.

It's also possible to surf in Mallorca when conditions allow! Peguera, Cala Major, Sa Rapita, Ca'n Picafort and Sa Marina are some of the favourite spots where you will find surfers gathering on the odd day the surf is up. There is also an artificial wave machine (Flow Rider) at the Wave House in Magaluf where less experienced surfers can improve their skills.

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