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Almond Fair (Fira de la Flor d'Ametler) 2018 Review

A day dedicated to Mallorcan almonds

Featured in: | Jose Rains, Mallorca Reporter | Published
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Last weekend saw the 9th edition of Mallorca’s Almond Fair, known to the locals as Fira de la Flor d'Ametler. The event celebrating Mallorca’s famous almonds attracted thousands of people who travelled to the peaceful village of Son Servera in the east of the island.

On Sunday 4th February between 09:30 and 14:30 you could enter through the gates of the 13th-century manor house of Ses Cases de Ca s'Hereu which housed 40 market stalls set up in honour of Mallorca’s almonds.

Locals and tourists came together to browse, sample and buy a variety of products made from almonds, almond wood and almond flowers. There were also small exhibitions of traditional harvesting tools that have been used for the farming of almonds trees. If you haven’t been before, this annual fair is an opportunity to understand the significance of almonds in Mallorca from a historical and cultural perspective.

You could try and buy almonds presented in many different ways, some were available in their natural state but others were coated in various different flavours. The chocolate and orange almonds were a particularly delicious choice but you could also try others coated in lemon, cinnamon and several other flavours.

Not only were there almonds but various stalls selling produce derived from almond trees and the almonds. There were many different stalls selling liquor made from almonds but the most popular stall was giving out little tasters of their different alcohol variations made on the island. The Almond Cream ‘Crema de Almendras’ was a particularly popular potion and a whole bottle could be purchased for 12€, whilst the traditional version ‘Licor de Almendras’ could be yours for a mere 10€. This particular stall was also selling traditional Mallorcan Hierbas from 6.50€, a herb liquor dating back to ancient times and still widely enjoyed in the Balearics. It comes in different varieties: sweet, dry and mixed and is often served as a digestif in restaurants on the island.

Back to almond-orientated produce, one of the most unique offerings was the Ametlasana Foie Gras, a concoction made from carob beans and almonds which I imagine would be popular amongst vegans.

Crafts were the second most common stall. Some affordable acrylic works featuring almond blossom captured the essence of its beauty! The colourful wash bags featuring almond blossom also caught my attention and were the perfect idea for a gift, as were the products made out of almond wood. You could buy bowls, salt and pepper mills and other lovely creations at one stall entirely dedicated to almond wood merchandise.

I also spotted oils, facial creams, body lotion all with almond extract being tried. It appeared the delicate scent of almond blossom had also been fused into air freshener and soap.

The traditional Mallorcan fabric not only lined many of the tables but also featured on washbags and purses being sold across the market.

Other non-almond goods included local confits, and Sa Carrotja boasted one of the most vibrant stalls with an amazing array of different flavours available. You could buy 1 'confitura' for 3.90€ or 3 for 10.50€, thanks to the immense choice including chilli, lemon, orange, coconut and banana, tomato and apricot - I saw most people were buying 3!

Perhaps the typical Mallorcan sobrassada might take your fancy? For those keen to try the soft ground, spiced pork chorizo sausage without committing to buying a whole sausage, you could buy a piece of bread smothered in the rich red mélange for 1.50€. Or if you have more of a sweet tooth the large jars of Mallorcan honey were a tempting option!

In the small courtyard to the right of the building, we were welcomed by traditional folk music being played by locals of varying ages. There was a crowd of people watching and filming the musicians as they played. It created a wonderful ambience amongst the stalls in this part of the market. At 12 o’clock, crowds gathered outside the front of the main house where the local Xeremiers del Puig de Sa Font pipers and Sa Revetla dancers put on a performance.

All in all, a great day out and highly recommended if you find yourself in Mallorca during almond blossom season!