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Nightlife in Mallorca

Discover the top Mallorca nightlife


Mallorca’s an island of many faces with a vibrant nightlife scene that caters for its diverse clientele, from young holidaymakers through to yachting millionaires and everyone in between. 

Overview of Nightlife in Mallorca

A city bursting with life 365 days of the year, Palma offers something for everyone.  Take a stroll around the old town in the streets around Passeig des Born, La Llonja and Santa Catalina, and stumble upon an abundance of bars from local haunts through to fashionable drinking spots. In the summertime, you cannot miss the buzz from the Paseo Marítimo down by the marina, with music blaring out from the mile-long stretch of bars, and crowds of people overflowing onto the streets. The seasonal resorts dotted around the coastline are open between April and October and contain the usual culprits from beach shacks and clubs through to bustling bars and nightclubs. 

The two hot spots for those looking to party are Magaluf and S’Arenal (Playa de Palma), other seasonal resorts like Puerto Alcudia, Cala Ratjada Port d’Andratx and Cala d’Or offer some late-night entertainment in the summer months to keep holidaymakers satisfied. Inca and Manacor are large towns featuring year-round authentic bars and nightclubs and are a great place to rub shoulders with the locals. Every village has a place for a drink,  usually set around the main square where you can enjoy refreshments. If you prefer more buzz,  be prepared to hop in a taxi towards the city, a large town, port, or coastal resort to experience the island's best nightlife. 

Mallorca's best bits

El Neo Gastro Bar, Palma de Mallorca drinks

Cocktail Bars
The island is well versed in the art of mixology, if you find yourself within one of the island’s ports, summer resorts or larger towns in the summer months, it’s safe to say a good cocktail bar will be easy to find. Palma will hit the spot if you are a cocktail connoisseur looking to sample some top-notch  alcoholic creations. The authentic old town and Santa Catalina have a wonderful selection of bars open throughout the day and well into the night. To enjoy an exceptional view with a cocktail in hand, head to one of the city’s many rooftop bars or Moll Vell Marina. 

Wine Bars
Most of Mallorca’s bars will offer an impressive selection of Mallorcan and Spanish wines. Even the most understated, rustic bars will often serve a good quality glass. The best wine bars can be found in Palma’s old town, but you will find some great options in some of the ports and larger towns around the island. 

Marinas & Ports
Mallorca’s ports have an air of exclusivity about them and are home to more contemporary restaurants and bars. The harbours provide exceptionally scenic backdrops for dinner and drinks, and you'll find just enough late-night bars with the odd dancefloor to keep visitors of all ages entertained in the summer months. Enjoy the luxury nightlife while watching the yachts in Port AdrianoPuerto PortalsCala d'OrPort de Soller and Port d'Andratx, to name a few.

Beach Clubs
The southwest of Mallorca is home to a large majority of the island’s beach clubs and claims world-famous names within a 20-minute car ride of Palma’s international airport. All have the core ingredients, including a stylish, yet relaxed vibe, state-of-the-art cocktails, and exquisite food. Along Palma’s promenade between Portixol and the cathedral, a couple of relaxed-style beach clubs reside overlooking the bay. Home to some of the prettiest beaches on this side of the island, Illetas is a top pick. The ever popular Puerto Portals boasts a combination of beach huts and stylish beach clubs on its doorstep. Playa de Palma and Magaluf play host to some trendy beach bars, most of which come complete with a party atmosphere, making them popular amongst large groups looking for a late-night adventure . For a more chilled vibe, Camp de Mar and Cala Llamp near Port d’Andratx  offer a relaxed environment, with casual beach bars and clubs. 

While most resorts tend to offer beachside drinking within their services,  The stretch of coastline from Port d’Alcudia to Playa de Muro features a good selection of family friendly beach bars and restaurants catering for the influx of tourists in the summer months. 

Fiestas & Festivals
With all the Mallorquin traditions, there’s a fiesta or festival taking place on the island every month of the year. Whether it be January or peak of Summer, there are days and nights dedicated to live music, parties, and fireworks. These are a great way to both immerse yourself in the local culture and create special memories! The summer months welcome music festivals and concerts, with classical, commercial, jazz and reggae on the agenda, attracting world renowned artists year after year. Look out for any events and fiestas during your stay by checking our Events Calendar.

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South-West Mallorca

Tito's Nightclub, Palma de Mallorca


Places to aim for:

  • La Llonja

  • Santa Catalina

  • The Old Town & Centre

  • Paseo Maritimo & Marina

Palma is a year-round city break destination and when the sun goes down there’s plenty of fun to be had. Take your pick from trendy cocktail corners, chic hotel bars, and authentic Spanish taverna’s through to large-scale nightclubs.

Within the old town you will find a labyrinth of cobbled streets with plenty of character oozing from the local drinking lounges. Within La Llonja, the tiny pedestrianised streets of Carrer de Jaume Ferrer, Sant Joan, La Llotja and Apuntadores are filled with quaint, independent establishments with quirky interiors and friendly staff. It's worth exploring these alleys and seeing what you stumble upon. For a quieter, more sophisticated experience you will find ample classy cocktail places and patios within the boutique hotels. 

Santa Catalina is a district with a great selection of international bars and restaurants with artsy décor and innovative drinks menus. Luxury waterfront bars can be found on Moll Vell Marina in front of Palma’s iconic cathedral.  Overlooking some of Palma’s most impressive super yachts, embrace the luxury and exclusive feel of the marina. 

The bars in the old town tend to stay open until 1 or 2am, those looking to extend their night, head down towards the Paseo Maritimo where the clubs will just be getting started. Here you will find everything from local late night bars with a small dance floor through to large scale clubs. 

Nightlife in Southwest Mallorca

Places to aim for:

  • Magaluf

  • Palma Nova

  • S’Arenal

  • Puerto Portals

  • Portals Nous

  • Santa Ponsa

Puerto Portals and Port Adriano offer more exclusive settings, deluxe drinks and a chic party atmosphere, designed for well-heeled clientele. By night, Port d’Andratx embodies a romantic and tranquil vibe, has its fair share of bars to sip on mouth-watering cocktails, along with a couple of clubs to serve the late-night party goers.

Late-Night Partying
The southwest of Mallorca is the most populated area of the island, due to its proximity to Palma, making it the epicentre of the island nightlife. Magaluf is infamous for its streets lined with bars and clubs geared up for those looking to party through all hours of the day and night between April and October. Similarly, S'Arenal (or Playa de Palma) located near the airport is a popular destination for night owls in the summer months. 

Relaxed Nightlife
Looking for some late night fun? The smaller resorts along the south-western coastline offer a multitude of options.. Cala Major beach resort, just to the west of Palma, has a couple of popular coastal bars following the shoreline. Illetas has some reputable beach clubs  overlooking its turquoise waters, perfect for sipping on cocktails throughout the day and late into the temperate summer evenings. Family friendly resorts Santa Ponsa and Palma Nova hoard a swarm of chiringuito’s, alongside local taverns and touristy bars perfect for pre or post dinner drinks. Those looking to throw some shapes on the dance floor tend to head towards Magaluf, Palma, S’Arenal or the various ports.

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Nightlife in the West of Mallorca

Mini Bar, Port de Soller

Places to aim for:

  • Soller

  • Port de Soller

  • Valldemossa

  • Deia

Travelling into the north west, the night lights might not shine so bright but there’s a bit of life after the sun sets each evening. The quaint town of Soller offers an adequate number of venues in which to go drinking, dancing and enjoy local music. Lengthy cocktail menus hidden behind trendy shops and restaurants are a great place to start your early evening rendezvous. For those preferring a more civilised drinkery with jaw dropping coastal vistas, Port de Soller possesses several swanky hotel lounge bars and cocktail areas, often full of wealthy yacht owners and low-lying celebs. Three different nightclub venues can be found in the port presenting commercial music and international hits. Keep in mind, these venues don’t really kick off until 2 or 3 am and last until sunrise. 

For a small town, authentic Spanish experience, enjoy a cosy Mallorquin evening with sunset views under romantic lighting in the pretty, mountain villages of Deia and Valldemossa. Within these laid-back, picture-perfect destinations you will be welcomed by family run bars with spectacular views of the lowering sun. Relax and wind down on their beautiful terraces serving prestigious drinks menus with the utmost precision. Some of the hotel bars may stay open slightly later, but most of the bars here will close at around 1am ensuring you still get a good amount of all important beauty sleep. Quality, style and rustic elegance exudes from the nooks and crannies of village life.

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Nightlife in the North of Mallorca

Ponderosa Beach Club Review, Alcudia - Playa de Muro

Places to aim for:

  • Port de Pollenca

  • Port d’Alcudia 

  • Can Picafort

  • Playa de Muro

Offering a refreshing change of scenery from the popular lair of Palma, Port d'Alcudia in the north of Mallorca is a bustling town bursting with life. Being one of the liveliest places in this part of the island to play at night in the summer months, this resort is home to a multitude of music bars and nightclubs. Alcudia has a varied selection of nightlife on offer, with several quiet bars and cosy restaurants. The marina or beachfront would be the ideal place to start your evening, moving on for late night action to ‘Avenida Pedro Mas y Reus’ (also known as ‘Dollar Street’) offers a huge line up of Irish pubs playing live music. Just 1km away in the town centre of Alcudia, along the coastline, there is an assortment of dual-floored discotheques for the 18-30 crowd, offering terraces, pool areas, international DJs, and themed/foam/neon parties. All the ingredients one could want for late night celebrations, stag parties and hen dos. 

Puerto Pollenca whilst not commonly renowned for its clubbing scene, is still a great place to enjoy drinks after dark with several bars radiating a fun atmosphere. Busy with both holiday makers and locals, Puerto Pollenca is never overcrowded and is consistently social in the summer months. The main square and ‘Pinewalk’ is where you’ll find several busy terraces with good music including pop, rock, and karaoke. As well as relaxing lounge bars on the beachfront, there is one club just off the main square open until late. For those wanting to continue their evening, Alcudia is just a short taxi ride away. 

Majorca’s seaside resort of C’an Picafort, lies in the northern bay of Alcudia, it’s atmosphere is lower key, in keeping with the peaceful resort. The nightlife here naturally revolves around the bars along the beautiful Playa de Muro beachfront and the resort’s centre. More entertainment venues can be found within the larger hotels, as well as several pubs ringing out karaoke, German-style beer gardens and two early hours nightclubs. The only thing they are perhaps lacking in, is a beach club.


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Nightlife in the East and Southeast of Mallorca

La Havana Nightclub, Cala Millor interior

Places to aim for:

  • Cala Millor

  • Cala Bona

  • Cala d’Or

  • Colonia Sant Jordi

  • Santanyi

  • Manacor

  • Llucmajor

Late-night partying isn’t the main attraction along the east coastline of Mallorca, that said, the touristy resorts of Cala Millor, Cala Bona, Cala d’Or and Colonia de Sant Jordi all have their fair share of no-frills taverna’s, chiringuito style bars, wineries  and the odd discotheque obliging the more exuberant holidaymakers. So fear not, there will be the chanceto sit with your feet in the sand and a cocktail in hand within most beach resorts on this side of the coastline. It is important to note that many of these resorts tend to accommodate seasonal bars and clubs, open only between the months of April and October. 

In the off-season, some action can still be found away from the touristy trail of the coastline, as a few of the larger traditional Mallorquin towns feature year-round bars and late-night venues within their infrastructure. We would recommend heading to Llucmajor, Santanyi or Manacor if you are staying close-by and are looking for some busy nightlife scenes. 


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