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Best Family Activities in Mallorca

Discover the top Mallorca family activities

About Family Activities in Mallorca

Whatever you choose to do on your family holiday, you are sure to find a huge range of activities across Mallorca. There is something for everyone, every ability and every age. Check out the selection of things to do below for some holiday inspiration!


Discover some of the beautiful underwater wildlife in the aquarium. Visiting any of the Aquariums or Sea Life Centres is sure to be a fun day out for everyone where you get to see some of the wildlife hidden by the deep blue. 

See Waterparks & Aquariums in Mallorca


You can find indoor badminton courts in many of the sport centres all around Mallorca.


Many of the sport centres around Mallorca have facilities to play basketball.


Mallorca, like many other Mediterranean islands is an ideal place to spot migrating birds between Europe and Africa. Spring and Autumn are the best times for bird watching, ideal as the weather at this time is lovely for walking. The most vulnerable of the bird life in Mallorca are the Osprey and the Black Vulture, both of which live in the Tramuntana mountain range. The mountains are also home to Audouin’s Gull, Eleonora’s Falcon, Moustached Warbler and Marmora’s Warbler which are all quite rare.

S’Albufera Natural Park
This area in North Mallorca is a hot spot for migrating birds, and many birds can be found in these wetlands. The S’Albufera Natural Park has areas designed specifically to catch a glimpse of the most extensive range of migrating birds in the Mediterranean islands.

The 1,646 hectare area includes a visitors reception area, observation platforms and bird hides. Entrance to the park is free but it is advised to pick up a (free) permit from the park reception. Birds that you can see here include Woodchat Shrike, Fan-tailed Warbler, Night Heron, Crested Coot and Spotted Redshank.

Park opening times are 1st Oct- 31st March 9am-5pm and 1st April - 30th September 9am-6pm. Tel: +34 971 892250 Email: parc.albufera@wanadoo.es

Tramuntana Mountains - Lluc area
The steep, relatively inaccessible mountains provide a great refuge for birds of prey, including Black Vulture. Other birds found here are the Egyptian Vulture, Osprey, Booted Eagle, Falcons and Crossbill

La Gola - Puerto Pollensa
This area of wetland is filled with water from the Gotmar and Soller rivers that flow to the sea. The close proximity gives birds a quiet breather from travelling between S’Albufera and the Tramuntana mountains. A small exhibition here gives visitors a quick guide to the birdlife that travels overhead. Opening hours are 9am-2pm and 5pm-8pm.

Boquer Valley - near Puerto Pollensa
Spring and Autumn is a fantastic time to take a walk here and look up to spot migrating birds, birds such as the Honey Buzzard, Black-eared Wheatear and Rock Thrush can all be seen here. Other birds that are more regular visitors are Ravens, Crag Martin and the Balearic Warblers.

Arta Peninsula
Set in the Serra Llevant mountains, this coastal location attracts birds such as the Serin, Firecrest, Swift and Shearwaters. A popular walk to spot many birds is between the town of Arta through the Northeast coast to the peninsula at Cala Mitjana.

Find out more information and details in our Where to go Bird Watching in Mallorca article.

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Boat Trips

Explore the beautiful coastline around Mallorca on a boat. Many of these trips include stops for swimming in the crystalline Mediterranean waters, as well as snorkelling and even scuba diving.

See Boat Trips in Mallorca


There are bowling alleys in Mallorca to keep you entertained on bad weather days, or if you're looking for something to do with a group.

Canoeing / Kayaking

Kayaking is a fun watersport that can be enjoyed as a team or on your own. Unlike canoeing, paddlers face forward and have a double bladed paddle. It is a versatile sport that you can enjoy on rivers, lakes and the sea. You can take your inflatable or plastic kayak and make your way down the water. Using the double bladed paddle you can control the speed, direction and enjoy the experience and wonderful views in your own time. There are some watersports centres and adventure companies who can take you out for your kayaking experience.

See Watersports Centres in Mallorca


A not-so-gentle but extremely refreshing summer activity is one way to describe canyoning! Plunge yourself into the mountain streams via a series of abseil descents, jumps and natural water slides – just make sure you choose a warm day!

You will make your way along rivers and rapids, using the river bed as a natural obstacle course. Not suitable for very young children, but anyone over the age of about 8 can take the (very cold) plunge and try canyoning. With the safety of a guide everyone can abseil down cascades, splash into pools and ride the river rapids. You can choose from short beginners’ routes or longer ones for the more adventurous.

Different companies will have their own policies on age limits but usually, unless they are booked onto a children's activity course, anyone under the age of about 14 years old will have to be accompanied by an adult. A basic level of swimming ability is required for safety reasons. There are a number of adventure companies that offer guided descents down the local waterways.

See Activity Companies in Mallorca


Depending on the age of your child there are a number of childcare options available in Mallorca. There are also numerous babysitting and nursery facilities available in the area - have a look at our childcare listings page for more information or you can contact the local Tourist Offices for a list of available babysitters.

See Childcare in Mallorca


Catch the latest films and releases in Mallorca on your holiday. Look out for VOS or VOSE for English speaking films. 

See Cinemas in Mallorca


This activity is similar to canyonning, in that it involves climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming, but it takes place along the coast. With so much variety, coasteering is ideal for those that like a bit of an adventure and want to try their hand at a number of different disciplines. It is a great way to explore remote coastal areas and get that rush of adrenaline. 

Whether you are a complete adrenaline junky or just coming across this sport for the first time, Adventure Companies offer different route depending on how much of a challenge you are looking for and how old members of your group are, so everyone can give it a go.

See Activity Companies in Mallorca


Enjoy a number of cycling trails and routes in Mallorca and what better way to explore Mallorca than on a bike when you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Have a look at our cycling guide for more information and explore the cycling routes that are in the area. If you are in Mallorca without your biking gear there are a number of cycle hire shops in who rent and sell bikes, gear and more.

See Cycling in Mallorca

Diving & Snorkelling

Dive into the beautiful waters & discover the world below, scuba diving is a fantastic way to explore the water, wildlife and what lies below. 

If you are a beginner to scuba diving there are a number of diving schools in Mallorca that can teach you the ropes and get you started. For those more experienced there are plenty of excursions in Mallorca where you can dive into the beautiful blue waters and explore the depths below.

See Diving Centres in Mallorca


You can dangle a fishing rod in most places around the Island of Mallorca and it's often something you can do by yourself, or with friends, from a harbour wall, from the beach or from a boat. There are literally hundreds of places you can go. Approximately 20 nautical miles off the northern coast of Mallorca is one of the best areas to fish for blue fin tuna in the Mediterranean. Why not speak to some of the specialist companies who offer guided trips and excursions or yacht charters for coastal or deep sea fishing, for a bit more of an adventure.

See Fishing Charters in Mallorca


There are indoor football courts in many of the sport centres around Mallorca for you to organise a friendly match.


Horse ride along one of the beaches or stroll the beautiful landscape. Mallorca is an attractive destination for horse riding & lessons.

See Horse-riding in Mallorca

Hot-air ballooning

Hot air ballooning is a truly unique and fun experience. You can experience views and scenery like never before. There are a few hot air balloon companies in Mallorca who will offer you this enjoyable experience. 

The views are stunning, and as you glide over the land or sea below you may see wildlife and animals normally hidden from view. The pilot controls the height but the wind determines which direction you take, so the flight can take anything from one to two hours, depending on when a suitable landing site comes into view.

Hot air ballooning looks serene, but there are moments of excitement; once the creaking wicker basket rises and you are suspended in the air metres above the ground, with nothing but the wind and the pilot taking you through the blue sky, it can be quite thrilling. 

See Activity Companies in Mallorca


Race around the tracks in go-karts or try something more powerful! With a number of karting tracks in Mallorca it will be great fun for everyone.

See Karting in Mallorca


Challenge your friends and family to a game of crazy golf! There are mini-golf/ crazy golf courses in many of the resorts across the Island. Take a look at the crazy golf courses that you can enjoy in Mallorca. 


Mountain biking is a challenging and fun activity whether you are an experienced biker or new to the sport it has something to offer everyone. With a number of adventure companies offering mountain biking excursions in Mallorca as well as our extensive guide to mountain biking you are sure to find some terrain to suit your skills. If you are new to mountain biking let a guide take you out for the day and show you the ropes. If you are experienced then seek out the best routes and tackle the steep and rocky tracks. 

See Mountain Biking in Mallorca

Nature Reserves & Parks

Heading to a Nature Reserve you can explore all the beautiful wildlife and soak up all the beautiful scenery. Take a walk around the park, spot the unusual wildlife or even do a spot of birdwatching. There are a number of wonderful nature reserves in Mallorca that you can explore.

See Nature Parks in Mallorca


Paddleboarding is a great way to explore the stunning coastline of Mallorca. No previous experience is needed, just hop on the board and start paddling.

See Watersports Centres in Mallorca


Challenge your friends and family to a game of paintball! This exciting activity offers fun for groups of all ages. 

In most cases you're split into teams and a variety of scenarios and courses are offered at the beginning of all games, with each game lasting approximately 2 hours; the ultimate aim is to shoot your opponents with paint pellets and capture their flag before they get hold of yours.

See Activity Companies in Mallorca

Sailing & Yachting

With plenty of coastline to explore you would be silly not to hire a boat, charter a yacht or join one of the many boat trips up and down the island's coastline to some of the Mediterranean's best beauty spots.

See Yacht Charters in Mallorca


If you'd like to take a dip outdoors or indoors, you'll be able to find somewhere to go for a swim in Mallorca. Most hotels have their own swimming facilities, however there are also municipal swimming baths that you can visit. In summer and winter, you should be able to find somewhere to take a dip, so don't forget your towel and your swimming costume or shorts.

See Sports & Fitness Centres in Mallorca


With its warm climate and mainly dry days, tennis is very popular in Mallorca. Significant investment in the sport means that there many tennis clubs and courts available for the enthusiast or the amateur. Part of this enthusiasm for the sport comes from the incredible success of Rafael Nadal, everyone's favorite Spanish tennis player. Originally from Manacor, Nadal has done much to raise the profile of tennis in Mallorca. The courts are generally clay or hard courts, and you can book courts as a non-member at most of the clubs. Not many of the clubs have their own website / email address, but a complete list of clubs can be seen on the Federacio de Tennis de les Illes Balear website. You can also watch our video on Tennis in Mallorca.

See Tennis Clubs in Mallorca

Theme parks

There are several varied theme parks in Mallorca, great for families. Ranging from tree top adventures to upside-down houses, take a look at the selection!

See Theme & Adventure Parks in Mallorca

Tours & excursions

Explore the best that Mallorca's has to offer with an expert local guide. From natural tracks to traditional buildings and crafts, food and drink... there's lots to be discovered in Mallorca.

See Tour & Walking Guides in Mallorca

Walking & Hiking

Hikes in Mallorca region can generally be split into two categories: coastal and mountain. The coastal routes are all very accessible and mostly very easy, more like strolls than hikes, but still worth doing for the unbeatable views of the coastline and access to fabulous beaches along the way. The mountain trails take a little more effort to get to, but many can be reached by bus or train. They are a great way to explore the terrain behind Mallorca and the many traditional villages that are dotted around the countryside.

See Walking Routes in Mallorca


Splash around on a water slide & enjoy hours of fun, waterparks are hugely popular with both adults and children in Mallorca! Enjoy hours of fun splashing around in the waterpark and tackle some of the fun rides and slides. Check out the fun waterparks in [resname] and splash around for the day. 

See Waterparks & Aquariums in Mallorca


Mallorca is perfect for water sports with its warm summers, island breezes and interesting coastline. There are plenty of watersports centres where you can learn to sail or enjoy thrilling rides in speedboats, and everything in between.

See Watersports Centres in Mallorca

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