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Best Family Activities in Mallorca

Discover the top Mallorca family activities


Mallorca is an island of fun for the whole family so, wherever you choose to stay, you’ll be sure to find a wide range of family-friendly activities for every age and ability.


Discover some of the remarkable animals that exist in the worlds’ oceans by visiting Palma Aquarium, based near the airport, which has more than 700 species of fish and sea creatures. Alternatively, there is Marineland next to Puerto Portals, which is a sea life centre with dolphin and sea lion shows.

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There are a number of indoor badminton courts located in the sports centres around the island. To avoid disappointment, it is probably best to book a court at your local sports centre rather than just turning up.

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With basketball being a popular sport amongst the Spanish, you will come across several outdoor courts within close proximity to wherever you are staying on the island. You will notice there are quite a few places you can just turn up to without booking. 

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Beach Activities

From jetskiing and flyboarding to pedal boats, banana boats and doughnuts, there are more than enough watersports to keep you and the family entertained in the summer months (April-October). You will also find volleyball nets on some of the larger beaches on the island, which are available for the general public to use. This is a great spontaneous activity for families looking to stretch their legs whilst taking a break from the sun loungers.

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Beaches in Mallorca


Mallorca, like many other Mediterranean islands, is an ideal place to spot migrating birds between Europe and Africa. Spring and autumn are the best times for bird watching, ideal as the weather at this time is lovely for walking. The most vulnerable of the bird life in Mallorca are the Osprey and the Black Vulture, both of which live in the Tramuntana mountain range. The mountains are also home to Audouin’s Gull, Eleonora’s Falcon, Moustached Warbler and Marmora’s Warbler which are all quite rare. Find out more information and details about birdwatching in Mallorca.

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Boat trips & sailing in Mallorca

There’s no better way to explore Mallorca’s captivating coastline than by boat! With numerous scheduled boat trips of varying lengths of time and at reasonable prices, taking a trip to the sea is highly recommended. Many of these trips include stops for swimming and snorkelling in the famous crystalline Mallorcan waters. Port de Palma, Puerto Pollença, Port d’Alcúdia, Port de Sóller and the resorts on the east coast are some of the marinas from which boat trips are frequently available. Whether you want to visit a different beach for the day or explore the coves and do some snorkelling, there is sure to be a boat trip to suit.

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Canoeing / Kayaking

Mallorca’s tranquil water and 300 days of sunshine make it the perfect destination for a spot of kayaking or canoeing. From complete beginners to experts, these are fun watersports that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Many beaches offer hourly rentals or, for those who want to get serious about it, there are a number of places on the island that offer courses and trips with certified guides. This is a great way to explore Mallorca’s turquoise waters, breathtaking cliffs, hidden caves, nooks and crannies. You might even get close and personal with some fish along the way too!

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The perfect adventure for active families whilst on holiday. Mallorca’s mountains, streams and rivers create the textbook natural obstacle course! With the supervision of a guide, you can plunge yourself into the mountain streams via a series of abseil descents, jumps and natural water slides. There are a number of adventure companies that offer guided descents down the local waterways, from short beginners’ routes to longer ones for the more experienced individuals.

A basic level of swimming ability is required for safety reasons and, whilst canyoning isn’t suitable for very young children, anyone over the age of about 8 can take the (very cold) plunge and try the sport. Different companies will have their own policies on age limits but usually, unless they are booked onto a children's activity course, anyone under the age of about 14 years old will have to be accompanied by an adult.  

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Caving / Pot-holing

Mallorca is famous for its caves, so escape the sun for a few hours and take the family on a sea cave adventure with an experienced guide. You don't need to have done caving or potholing before because Mallorca’s vertical cave systems are a perfect introduction to the underground world of caving. Caving companies tend to offer these tours between April and October.

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No matter the age of your child, there’s a variety of trusted multilingual childcare services based on the island. Whether it’s a kids’ club, nursery facilities, babysitting or a nanny you are after, Mallorca has it. You can kick back and relax knowing your children are in safe hands whatever the time of year you visit.

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You can catch the latest films and releases in Mallorca on your holiday. Look out for VOS (Versión Original Subtitulada) or VOSE (Versión Original Subtitulada en Español) for the English speaking films. Well-known cinemas on the island include OCIMAX, IMAX, Multicines and CineCiutat.

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Coasteering is similar to canyoning, it involves climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming, but this particular sport takes place along the coastline. It's great for those that like a bit of an adventure and want to try their hand at a number of different disciplines, as well as a good way to explore remote coastal areas and get that rush of adrenaline. 

Whether you are a complete adrenaline junkie or just coming across this sport for the first time, adventure companies tailor the routes, whilst taking into consideration the ages and abilities of your members of the group. Everyone can give it a go!

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Culture & guided tours in Mallorca

Discover the best that Mallorca's has to offer with an expert local guide. From learning about the historical city of Palma, the island's old market towns and legendary hiking trails, to experiencing its traditional food and drink. One could say that there's a lot to see in Mallorca.

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Sights in Mallorca

Cycling & mountain biking in Mallorca

The island offers a wide range of cycling options from flat rolling roads to mind-blowing mountain climbs, which means cyclists of all levels of ability can enjoy a day out exploring Mallorca by bike. With its diverse terrain and fantastic weather conditions, it’s no surprise Mallorca has become one of the most illustrious cycling destinations in the world. 

There are cycle paths and cycling routes. The Serra de Tramuntana mountains are a particularly popular destination in the spring time (February-April). Cycling enthusiasts will find lots of accommodation in the form of little hotels that cater for cyclists in villages in and around the mountains.

There are a number of cycle hire shops around Mallorca which rent and sell bikes with all the gear.

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Cycling in Mallorca

Diving & Snorkelling

Dive into the beautiful waters around Mallorca and discover the world below. Anyone can go snorkelling and it is a great way to begin your underwater adventures without travelling too far away from the comfort of the waters’ surface. Many of the tourist shops in the resorts sell snorkelling gear.

Scuba diving is a fantastic way to explore what lies below. If you are new to scuba diving, the diving schools around the island are more than equipped to show you the ropes and get you started. For those more experienced, there are endless excursions in Mallorca where you can dive into the beautiful blue waters and explore the depths below.

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Fishing in Mallorca

You can dangle a fishing rod in most places around the island of Mallorca and it's often something you can do by yourself, or with friends, from a harbour wall, the beach or a boat. A fishing license is required in Mallorca for anyone of 14 years or over.

Why not speak to some of the specialist companies who offer guided trips, excursions and yacht charters for coastal or deep sea fishing? It’s worth checking whether the chartered fishing trips are covered by a 'collective' or 'boat' license (they should be) which means you won’t need to purchase a license yourself.

Did you know that approximately 20 nautical miles off the northern coast of Mallorca is one of the best areas to fish for blue fin tuna in the Mediterranean? But as they are fast becoming an endangered species, it would be better to fish for something else in Mallorca’s seas.

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Flyboarding (jetpack or hoverboard) has become a 21st-century international sensation in the watersports world. Imagine oversized boots affixed to your feet which allow you to be propelled into the sky above the water. Whilst not all watersports companies have this impressive piece of equipment, you will find more and more companies are investing on it because this surreal experience is becoming beyond popular.

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Flying in Mallorca

Treat the family to a helicopter tour of the island with one of the tour operators. This is an exclusive experience which enables you to see aerial views of Mallorca’s celebrated mountains and seas.

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There are indoor and outdoor football pitches in many of the sports centres around Mallorca, so get in touch with your local sports centre to rent a pitch and organise a friendly match. Remember that in Spain there are both natural and artificial turf pitches, if this is important to you then make sure you do your research before you book. 

For those who are keen to try the ever-growing popular sport of ‘Bubble Ball’ (a game of football with inflatable bubbles where you bounce into each other whilst playing),  then Mallorca Bowling can help you organise this activity.

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Regulated parking at Sa Calobra

There are over 2.5 million people doing geocaching around the world and some of them (perhaps surprisingly) are right here in Mallorca! It’s a relatively new craze that started taking the world by storm in May 2000 after a computer geek decided that GPS could be “really exciting”. He hid some treasure at his home in Portland, America, for people to find, broadcast the GPS coordinates and said, “Come and get it”. His only rule: “Take some stuff, leave some stuff”. And that’s exactly what Geocaching is…you go in search of treasure by using the GPS system on your mobile device – once you’ve found it, you write your name in a logbook and replace the treasure you decide to take. It’s pretty simple really and means, as a family, you can be adventurers together. You won’t usually find anything quite as precious as gold, silver and diamonds but nevertheless it’s quite exciting!

Golf in Mallorca

With more than 20 golf courses to choose from and Mallorca’s mild winters, families can tee off all year round. If 18 holes are too much for you or the younger ones, try the Arabella Golf Son Quint pitch and put course (9 holes).

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Golf in Mallorca

Horse riding in Mallorca

Horse riding and lessons are available in Mallorca, so you can discover the island's beauty on horseback. There are several types of excursions you can take, from a stroll along one of the beautiful beaches to a trek high up into the Tramuntana Mountains. You don't need to be an experienced rider, beginners are welcome!

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Hot-air ballooning

Take to the skies by hot air balloon in Mallorca to experience floating over the island’s spectacular views and scenery like never before. You may see wildlife and animals you can’t see from the ground. The pilot controls the height but the wind determines which direction you take, so the flight can take anything from one to two hours, depending on when a suitable landing site comes into view.

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Indoor activities in Mallorca

Ten pin bowling in Grimaud

There are ‘Ten Pin Bowling’ alleys in Mallorca to keep you and the family entertained. They are often located in family entertainment centres with arcades and restaurant facilities. This the perfect activity for when the rare bad weather strikes in Mallorca, or if you just fancy a break from the sunshine. Mallorca’s main bowling alleys are located in and around Palma (Mallorca Bowling is the most noteworthy) but you will find some smaller ones in the more commercial beach resorts too.

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Indoor climbing

On the outskirts of Palma there is a large indoor climbing centre with over 30 high climbing routes and a bouldering area. They even have facilities to practice circus acrobatics, including a trapeze! They offer indoor and outdoor climbing lessons and courses for children.

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Karting is a popular activity for people of all ages. There are both indoor and outdoor tracks of various sizes around the island, so whether you are staying in the north, south, east or west of the island you will be able to find a place to race. With the most modern facilities available, Mallorca promises to give even the most seasoned karters a thrill. Feel the adrenaline rush and race to beat the rest of the family!

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The mini golf at the beach club

Everybody loves a bit of crazy golf, so challenge your friends and family to a game at one of the many mini golf/ crazy golf courses located in the resorts across the island. This light-hearted sport is guaranteed fun and games for all ages! These fun-fueled activities can be found in most popular resorts, but our top picks are in Katmandu Theme Park in Magaluf and Fantasia Golf in Palma Nova.

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There are a number of adventure companies offering mountain biking excursions in Mallorca, so you are guaranteed to find some terrain to suit your individual skills. Mountain biking is a challenging and fun activity, but if you are new to the sport then do let a guide take you out for the day and show you the ropes. There are also numerous cycle hire shops offering everything you could possibly need.

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Mountain Biking in Mallorca

Museums & Galleries

Mallorca is full of rich heritage and this is very much reflected in the number of museums and galleries on offer around the island. If you are a family who are keen to learn about this beautiful island's history and find out more about its culture you will find yourselves spoilt for choice when it comes to places to visit. A trip to Palma is an absolute must for those keen to learn but there are castles, monuments, museums and galleries to be found all around the island.

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Nature Reserves & Parks

Mallorca Hiking - Tramuntana Mountains

Immerse yourself and your family in Mallorca’s natural beauty by heading to a nature reserve where you can soak up the scenery whilst learning about the different wildlife the island offers. There are a number of wonderful nature reserves in Mallorca that you can visit that have visitor centres and educational walking trails.

One of Mallorca's Reserves, Sa Dragonera is home to 361 different plant species, 18 of which are endemic to the Balearics. It also boasts an impressive number of wall lizards, bats and the largest Eleonora’s falcon population in the archipelago. Other popular wildlife parks include Mondragó Natural Park for its unspoilt white sandy beaches and breathtaking views of turquoise waters, S’Albufera Nature Reserve for its birdlife (around 200 species) as well as plants, fish, reptiles and insects. Last but not least, Llevant Peninsula Nature Reserve is renowned for its remote beaches and its colonies of Mediterranean tortoises.

Nature Parks in Mallorca


Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a popular global sport these days, often described as a cross between surfing and kayaking. It is also a fun way to explore the immediate coastline. Whether going solo or with the whole family, you will find paddle boards to hire on various beaches around the island, usually rented out by the hour. No previous experience is needed, just hop on the board and start paddling.

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Challenge your family to a game at one of the few paintballing indoor and outdoor centres based on the island. A great team building exercise, in most cases you're split into teams and a variety of scenarios and courses are offered at the beginning of all games, with each game lasting approximately 2 hours.

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Parasailing is a completely unique and incredible adventure. It’s also one of the top ways to enjoy Mallorca’s exhilarating coastline views. You and the children (over 6 years old) can experience flying 200 feet in the air whilst getting a real birds-eye view of what’s going on below.

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Sailing & yachting in Mallorca

There are plenty of sailing schools on the island that will accommodate your family of budding sailors whatever your level. There’s even an opportunity to take things to the next stage by completing your qualified boating or sailing licenses in Mallorca.

Palma, Cala Nova Port, Puerto Pollença, Port d’Andratx, Port D'Alcudia and Santa Ponça have some of the best-known sailing schools on the island.

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Chartering Yachts in Mallorca


Getting around Palma on a Segway

Segways are a great way to see the sights in Mallorca and there are several companies offering tours with experienced, friendly and multilingual guides. Palma and Soller are popular towns offering this type of activity. There is also a small segpark in Cala Ratjada for those who just want to brush up on their skills rather than do the whole sightseeing thing. Companies usually have age and height restrictions, it’s recommended for children to be over 10 years old and to weigh more than 45kg to participate in the segway fun.

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Mallorca is a great location to indulge in a spot of shopping, from Palma’s city centre (full of high street labels, designers and boutique shops) to the traditional Mallorcan markets in the rustic towns and villages, the island provides a distinctive shopping experience. You will find little evening markets selling arts and crafts in many of the resorts in the summer months, which are perfect for a stroll before or after dinner. A little tip, the indoor shopping centres on the island are perfect for the rare rainy day you might experience in Mallorca.

Shopping in Mallorca


There are a few squash courts located in the sports centres on the island. Be sure to bring your own squash rackets and book a court in advance by getting in touch with your local sports centre. You might be able to find one with their own coach so you can have private lessons to brush up on your skills whilst on the island.

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Being an island, Mallorca isn’t lacking beaches, so there’s the more obvious option of taking a dip in the sea but there are also swimming pools aplenty. If you aren’t staying at a hotel, apartment or a villa that has a pool, you can look for the closest beach club or water park. The main towns and resorts have sports centres with indoor or outdoor heated swimming pools, so you can take a swim all year round.

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Tennis & racket sports in Mallorca

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Mallorca. In recent years there has been a significant investment in the sport, which means that there many tennis clubs and courts available for the enthusiast or the amateur all around the island. 

Part of this enthusiasm comes from the incredible success of Rafa Nadal, everyone's favourite Spanish tennis player. Originally from Manacor (east of Mallorca), Nadal has done a lot to raise the profile of tennis in on the island, even opening a state of the art tennis school and sports centre near his hometown. The courts in Mallorca are generally clay or hard courts, and you can book them as a non-member at most of the clubs. A complete list of clubs can be seen on the Federació de Tennis de les Illes Balears website.

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Theme parks, waterparks & aquariums in Mallorca

Escape reality at one of the island’s theme parks. Mallorca offers unique theme parks catering for families of all ages, from tree top adventures to upside-down houses or nature parks. You’ll be sure to find something for everyone. Areas like Magaluf, Palma Nova and Santa Ponça have some of Mallorca’s more well-known theme parks like Katmandu and Jungle Parc.

Animal lovers can head to Safari Zoo in Cala Millor, La Reserva in the Serra de Tramuntana, Natura Parc in Santa Eugenia or the Artestruz Ostich Farm in Campos.

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Walking, hiking & running in Mallorca

The walking paths and hiking trails in Mallorca can generally be split into two categories: coastal and mountain. Coastal routes are all very accessible and mostly very easy (more like strolls than hikes), but still worth doing for the unbeatable views of the coastline and access to fabulous beaches along the way. Mountain trails can be reached by car, bus or train and generally require a little more energy due to steep inclines. They are a great way to explore Mallorca’s terrain and the many traditional villages that are dotted around the countryside.

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Walking Routes in Mallorca


Waterparks are always a winning activity for both adults and children to enjoy in Mallorca! You can spend hours of fun splashing around together with the exciting slides, rapids and wave pools at the waterparks the island has to offer. In recent years we have also spotted inflatable floating water parks at some of the bigger beaches, these devices have everything from climbing walls to trampolines and keep both adults and children entertained. The island's most popular waterparks are Western Waterpark and Aqualand, both located on the south-west coast.

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Waterskiing & Wakeboarding

There are water skiing and wakeboarding companies based around the island to cater for everybody’s needs. There is even a wakepark which claims to have the only cable system on the Balearic Islands, based in Alcudia.

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Watersports in Mallorca

It is usually the more commercial beaches and ports that offer watersports. In the west of the island, try Magaluf, Santa Ponça and Palma Nova. In the north, there are plenty of activities to get involved in around Alcudia and Puerto Pollença’s beaches. You might struggle to find such activities on the beaches of the island's east coast as they are smaller, more tranquil destinations.

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Watersports To Do in Mallorca

Windsurfing & Kiteboarding

For windsurfing the bays in the north of Mallorca are particularly popular, so try Pollença, Alcudia or Can Picafort. There are some windsurfing schools for those new to the sport, while you can also just rent a board and see where the wind takes you. Remember to avoid the ‘swimming’ zones along the beaches during the summer months or you will have the water police after you!

There are a few places particularly well known for kite surfers to catch good waves in Mallorca, try the east coast of Puerto Pollença or Son Serra de Marina to catch some of the best waves. The kite surfing schools provide lessons for people of all levels and have different styles of kites and boards for rent. There’s the opportunity to book courses (which is highly recommended for beginners), or individual 1-hour lessons.

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